So here comes the irony… ‘despite being one among the world’s largest democracy, fourth fastest growing economy as per 2015th global reports and one of only five nations to send unmanned mission to moon, India holds the ‘credit’ of bearing a slum population that exceeds the entire population of Britain, and also getting ranked as one among the top ten countries that lack women security!’ The worst of worst is the sick mentality of the so called ‘civil society’ in victimizing the victims and isolating them rather than trying to get rid of this evil practices in this 21st century.

There was a think it’s better to say there is a man who continuously motivates us…the entire India. Who taught us how to dream…who taught us how to ‘make it happen’…even after one year of his absence in this physical world, APJ’s words are still living and is getting echoed through the walls of our nation, which always remind us that dream isn’t that what we see during our sleep, instead it should be the one thing that shouldn’t allow us to sleep. Dream could transform into thoughts which finally results in action. But the thing that is to be noticed here is that the above mentioned issues are not the real threats what Indian society faces…the real problem is the sad fact that despite of all this, we try to live in a world of sheer ignorance and apathy! We belongs to the same soil where legends like Bhagath Singh ,A P J Abdul Kalam and Mother Teresa once lived, which is now getting popularised among the world nations for the ‘great Indian spit’ and practising the ‘so called honour killings’.

According to the global literacy statistics, India got some 74% adult literacy rate. This is the first and foremost thing that we should be wondered about and look into more seriously.How come in a country like this where more than half of the entire populace being educated, all these mishaps could ever occur! The problem is not that we fail in allotting time for dreaming. At this 69th year of independence, we can proudly say that our nation, India, has travelled a lot so far in achieving the present day status, that is getting recognised as one among the growing superpowers. India’s strong bid for memberships in NSG and UN security council, the ‘neighbourhood first’ policy that we used to practice recent days and the dynamic initiatives put forth by our government and several other factors strongly epitomize the country’s robust interest in going global. Amidst of all this India is a country which boasts with a tagline ‘unity in diversity’, yet the same ethnic diversity mixed with filthy politics taking the lives of hundreds of thousands of people every year and tether people by the chain of myths and superstitious beliefs. Also India is a nation which continuously speaks about the implementation of revolutionary ‘Swach Bharath mission’ and still not a complete open defecation free country!

It’s only a mere change in the human mind set that costs to rectify all these obscene activities and disorders we are spectating silently today. It’s not about the level of degree and the quality of the university from where our children get recognises matters the most. Of course it’s not that I am emphasising on the importance of Indian universities and its status. It’s all about our educational policy that I am insisting on. What we want is a value based educational policy that ensures a strict and free primary education to each and every budding lives of our society that shouldn’t urge or insist only on a text book based ‘learning’ process. Learning is all about gaining knowledge somewhat through experiences. It is not that process that we should practice only on some restricted places having stone walled boundaries. Instead what we want is something creative, something innovative and something new.

Nation like India, which holds the legacy of Vedas, Puranas and centuries old well planned civilisations should not get confined into a nation where the evils of discriminations and violence denying individuals from anything or everything that affects their fundamental right of leading a peaceful life and franchise. It’s the duty of each and every individual including you and me to ensure that. We don’t want a divide and rule policy out here. What we want is an effective bureaucracy where every single being is served. It could be implemented by practices like proper decentralisation of power and strategic planning. It’s not the problem of lack of dreaming as I mentioned earlier that drives us back. Govt. is putting effort to implement many new innovative initiatives. But what additional thing apart from these enthusiasm that should be maintained is assuring that each and every strata of society is getting benefited from this irrespective of the condition that s/he is financially rich or poor, black or white by their skin colour, illiterate or a PhD holder and lower or upper by his/her caste and creed. We should cultivate the habit of dreaming an India from this perspective. The dream that shouldn’t let us sleep until no single man/woman shed tears because of an empty stomach or due to inhumane domestic violence and rapes. It’s our responsibility to redefine and entrust the hymn ‘lokasamastha sughino bhavanthu’!.


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