Education without values: A complete waste.

Marin Luther King, Jr. once said “The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character — that is the goal of true education. The time has come to think and analyse critically and move forward sticking on to the above statement .The word education itself is derived from the Latin word ‘educatio’ which means breeding or a bringing up. The objective of education is not merely supplying knowledge to a person from different trades, it could be rather defined as the whole learning process that make an individual developing his personality by adding certain values, morals and habits to his thoughts and beliefs. From the very young age itself a child learns to interact with the society by understanding the value of unity, cooperation and love. India is a country that holds the bequest of centuries old Vedas, Sidhanthas and well structured ‘guru Kul’ education system. We have traveled a long way since the time of independence to build a society of an educated class of people. But ironically where we failed drastically is at the same field. We always focus on the term ‘literacy’ and relapse to find the true essence of the word education.

Recently we all came across the sad news about the brutal murder of a thirty year old law student from Kerala, the most literate state in India with a literacy rate of 93.9%.She was not wearing a provoking dress, she was not goofing around with her boyfriend in dark and the whole scenes of murder happened in broad daylight!!. The media world celebrated the news highlighting the headline that has given her a label ‘Dalit’. This is essentially not a caste issue and I still wonder how come this educated class welcome this approach and brand it in such a brazen and shameless way! This is the same thing I have mentioned earlier. Most part of our society fails at the practical implementation of the things they have learned so far. We always set a boundary mark between our thoughts and actions. Whoever working against these, tragically their arguments may be twisted in another way and will be tagged as antisocial at many times . We Keralites consider ourselves as most educated and cultured class of citizens. We are proud in setting our own goals and living by sticking with our ideologies and values, but at the same time hesitates to analyse a situation in various views. What we all have is our own views on various topics. The latest burning issue of women entry to the Sabarimala shrine and the ‘ready to wait’ campaign following that started in social media is a mere example for that. A group of people who were taught about various revolts down the ages against oppressions and Socio-cultural inequalities faced by various societies are now standing against the equality and individual freedom by raising some vague and imprecise arguments. History is not a subject that should be by hearted for vomiting it in the answer sheet about names and years of various incidents happened years ago. Rather we should approach it with a different sense. It teach us how we are moulded. It teach us how we have reached in a situation where we enjoy the privileges today. It teach us how we became ourselves. We should be able to grab the essence in everything that we have learned so far rather than just letting it to be a part of our scheduled academic curriculum.

Rabindranath Tagore says “The highest education does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence”. Think out of the box. Do not let the term ‘education’ to be marketised or considered only as a medium for earning a highly paying job. Just accept the fact that mere education without imbibing values is quite fruitless. Remember most of the criminals and terrorists, who are the masterminds behind various terrorist attacks are the most powerful and intelligent brains of our country. The problem is they are not properly channelized enough to utilize it in a productive way. So education without values can be undeniably considered as a complete waste. Do not let our future generation to follow the path we have followed and practicing. Do not confine education in a four walled classroom. Let our children think, teach them how to think and not what to…teach them how to analyse critically and make their own opinion on every matter and do not let them by heart facts for the sake of higher ranks in exams…build up a society of a mass of people having their own ideas, values, morals ,views and habits! :)