The Solution To Get The Fulfill Life

Everyone wants the good life, the easy life, the peace life. But, most of people can’t reach that. Remembering that human will never get satisfied, but it can manipulated by our mind. Change your mindset. If your mindset is “what can i get in this world” please change it to “what can i give to this world”. The more you think you must get benefit from each step you going through, the more you want something bigger than before, but, if you think you can give something big, you always want give something bigger than before even more. Give is not always about money, thing, and other concret thing, but moral share is one of give aspect in this life. You always help people, in community you always contribute to it etc. To change “get” mind, you must pass something first which is CARE. When you care, of course you give. Remember, you are not alone to live in this world, people is need you, make your body and soul is needed by everyone. Don’t be selfish person, who happy alone. If you want happy just by yourself, just live in the jungle, build your house dream when you cannot reach other people, so i can let you to be selfish. But, the reality is we cannot live without others, you happy because others. To fulfill ourself is the most easy work, but to fulfill others? It’s hard. The hard we work on it, the great will appear. Make your life more challanging. See the world by your wide lense, wide thoughts, and wide head. See the positive of world by feel the positive inside you. Never see the green of neighbour house. ☺

The most good people is who helpfull for others