About Rosemont Group

http://RosemontGroup.net — RosemontGroup have a clear vision to be part of globalisation by creating,
developing, acquiring and investing in ideas that will one day
become recognisable or even legacy brands and businesses. 
They have a passion and a desire to deliver at the highest level, be it;
ecommerce, property development, technology, food and beverages,
entertainment, hospitality, fashion, energy, investment trading and
They invest globally in solutions and concepts that address large target
markets. There are plenty of great business ideas, but not all can
travel across borders or will generate significant returns that
justify their type of venture capital financing. Therefore, products and
services with a large market potential are essential. 
Rosemont Group Capital Partners LLC is actively seeking interesting ideas, concepts and businesses to invest in. If you are a startup, have a company and are already working on your project please contact them here:
social: @RosemontGroup #RosemontGroup

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