My New Year Resolutions

2015 has been an interesting year so far! Personally, my health has taken a toll due to lack of sleep, stress and a bad diet. Professionally, my performance was just above average due to juggling too many roles at work. I’ve never made New Year’s resolutions before and I’m not even sure if they work, but I’m going to set some this year anyway; I hope to stay positive and bring some necessary changes in my life. My resolutions are heavily inspired from this blog post by Benjamin Hardy on how to organize your life. So here’s the list —

  1. Early to bed — As cliched it sounds, I’m starting to believe that going to bed early has tangible benefits. In an ideal scenario, I would want to sleep by 12am and wake up by 7am, but the reality is that I’ve been going to bed around 2–3am and waking up around 9–10am. Being a night owl helps me be creative but I have less control on how I plan my day. I’ve been late to my meetings very often and it’s usually because of my untimely sleep schedule and lack of planning. This year I want to make it a point to go to bed by midnight.
  2. Make relationships count — I’ve been lucky to have some amazing people in my life. Even though work has been my number one priority until now, I’m starting to realize that people are equally important too. One of my biggest weaknesses is that I don’t respond back immediately (when I could) or don’t participate in conversations over texts/ Whatsapp messages. I want to change this: I want to respond back to people more and will try to make conversations with people that matter the most. If I’m too busy to respond back, I will let them know instead of keeping them hanging. I also want to make it a priority to FaceTime with my parents once a week and talk to my cousins once a month.
  3. Make health my top priority — I suffered from severe gastritis & dysphagia in 2015. It was terrible to feel unhealthy. All the research on the internet regarding this disease points fingers at lack of good sleep, diet & stress. Resolution #1 addresses my sleep. I’ve already planned a diet for this month which I’ll be sharing soon. I’m also planning to meditate every day for 15 minutes to reduce my stress levels.
  4. Be on top of my finances — I have been spending money sporadically with no proper planning. I’ve been slapped with a couple of late fees transactions in the past. It feels shitty to open your mint account randomly in the middle of month and see those late fees and then cursing yourself on not having paid your bills on time. All of a sudden your life has become disorganized and I hate feeling this way. Few changes I want to incorporate next year are as follows — 
    a) So on the 7th of every month, I want to analyze my finances for the previous month and pay off all my bills. 
    b) Set a budget for every month (Just finished doing this)
    c) Set aside a travel budget

5. Blog More — I’ve always wanted to blog more in the past. This year I want to write at least 15 blog articles.

6. Take the bus to work — I’ve been taking lyft to work every day. I end up spending $10 a day which comes out to $200–250 a month just for work. I would save at least $100 bucks by taking the bus to work. Since this new habit takes some time, I would want to achieve this goal progressively. I want to cut down the no of lyft rides to 15 a month which means I need to take the bus 25 times a month. By doing this I will be saving $100 bucks a month.

Like, I said, I’m not sure if resolutions work. More often than not, we hear people reciting lofty resolutions that sound great, but then when January 30th comes around, those resolutions are lost and people give up. Instead of letting that happen to me, I truly want to make the resolutions listed above a part of my lifestyle — something that’s sustainable. This will happen by planning well, staying organized, and honestly recognizing and accepting the fact that yes, I need to make these changes in order to live a better life (and not just for a month!). Writing this blog post and being transparent is a way to help keep me accountable.

I would love to know your resolutions! Are they similar to mine? What steps do you plan to take to reach them and make them a part of your lifestyle? Share with me in the comments below. You can also reach me on Twitter: @aitharaju

Happy New Year!