What are the types of massage and cost of learning it?

Aithein Healing

The busy work schedule and hectic life are creating stress in everyone life. People go for a massage with an ultimate goal of achieving peace and balance in the body. It helps our body to relax and keeps the stress out of our body. One of the most efficient types of massage is Ayurveda massage.

Traditional Ayurvedic massage is performed with herbal oils and according to the old-age science prescription. Ayurveda was founded in ancient India. The best way to learn this massage technique is by enrolling in the top Ayurveda college India.

Variety of massage types

There are several types of Ayurvedic massage, and each type is administered according to client’s health and body. There are different treatments for diverse body types. Abhyanga is the term used for full body massage.

Siro Abhyanga is given on head, neck and shoulder area. It provides a relaxing experience to mind and nourishes our hair.

Prista Abhyanga is provided on the back part of our body. It is helpful in treating acute and chronic backaches. Further, it improves blood circulation of the body and provides relief in muscle spasms.

Pada Abhyanga is performed on the foot area of the body. It helps in revitalising tired legs and feet. It reduces swelling, soreness, and prevents dryness in the lower legs. An Ayurveda healing course is an important way of learning the traditional way curing the body of various ailments. But, it is necessary to learn the art from an expert practitioner with experience in this field.

No huge cost and side effects

Since Ayurveda is an old-age science taught in religious places, training doesn’t cost much. There are no accommodation charges either in many courses as students live in Ayurveda institutes during their course duration. Natural herbal oils are used in massage therapies which guarantee no side effects on the body.

If you are looking to study Ayurveda in India, don’t wait and enrol in the course today.