Which is the top healing technique in Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is a holistic medical science. It originated in India around 5000 years ago. The ancient medical system was passed down to next generations through Vedas. Many Indians prefer Ayurveda over the conventional medical system. There are no side effects in this holistic science because medicines are prepared with herbs and minerals. Many people from around the world travel and study Ayurveda in India.

Apart from healing, it promotes a healthy lifestyle. There are many lifestyle related problems like obesity and diabetes which get eliminated due to Ayurveda. There are different forms and healing techniques in this holistic science.

The best healing technique in Ayurveda

Out of all the healing techniques, Ayurvedic massage is considered as the best technique to make someone fit and healthy. The masseur knows the best ways to eliminate any disease from its roots. The masseur uses different hand strokes and herbal oil to promote positive energy in the body. The negative energy is eliminated and all the body toxins are taken out in the process.

Medicated herbal oils are used on the body. These oils are medicated according to the body type of the individual. Sesame oil is used most of the time since it is compatible with various body types. These warm oils are poured slowly on the body and give a deeply relaxed feeling to the patient. Ayurveda healing course covers the types and use of herbal oils in the curriculum. Knowledge of oils is a must for the masseur.

The massage is given on the Marma points of the body. Marma points are located on the joints of various body parts like bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments etc. Ample pressure is applied and toxins are taken out from the pores of these points. Massage helps patient in achieving a healthy lifestyle and eradicates problems completely.

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