Many businesses when branding (or rebranding) often overlook the need to include interactive assets in their efforts. Additionally, the agencies they work with either haven’t adjusted their own work to handle this need, or if the topic is proposed, their clients, without a full understanding, view this as ‘extra expense’, not worth tackling at the time.

However, the foundational elements of brand design have expanded in our digital age. We’ve moved beyond the point of the classic print and on-location assets. Most brands now have an online (or even offline) digital presence that their audiences fully interact with. …

Embrace Working from Home

When my position at ESPN (The Walt Disney Company) was eliminated in late 2015, I thought, “hey, free time! I’m a designer, here’s a chance to finally design a personal routine that actually works for me.” You know what I’m talking about. That mythical personal routine that we’re all supposed to be able to find in order to be our most effective, productive, successful and happy, right? Your Groove, so to speak? I REALLY wanted to find my groove. Thus far, it had eluded me, the way aliens elude Fox Mulder. …

Illustration: The True Cost of Selling Out — ©2016 Chris Wilson

This rewrite of a years-old post was inspired by a project that landed in my lap last week. The project was “mine to lose,” as the saying goes, and as far as projects go, it was a pretty good one. A large company with a lot of money, only one sales person and no marketing team. They need everything. And I was the choice of someone who is consulting with them. All I had do to was raise my hand and show up for the job. Instead, I passed.

It wasn’t the easiest decision, especially right now, 9 months after…

Chris Wilson

Accessibility-minded UX/UI Designer. History: Studio Animation, Illustration, Multimedia Design, Podcasting

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