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Don’t be alarmed. A friendly algorithm will help you navigate the complexities of the Web of Trust. Hopefully one that isn’t just designed to sell you shit. I’m looking at you, Alexa.

This article is the first part of a series exploring how a ‘Web of Trust’ may take shape as cryptographic systems evolve. A well developed Web of Trust will allow users to make quick, informed decisions on who we might want to collaborate with on our next deal or project (or hookup?); or, alternatively, who we should steer clear of; helping you avoid the toxic individuals with whom collaboration would produce naught but mutual ruin.

This particular article will illustrate how a Web of Trust might be particularly relevant for scientists; a group that has a high need for trust…

October 2019

An update on version 2 of the N6 plasmid experiment.

This experiment is intended as a proof of concept for a possible future therapy. This experiment is in no way intended to cure or treat HIV: a cocktail of similar therapies, each delivering different antibodies, would be needed for a durable treatment.

The production of antibodies using plasmids, if feasible, could greatly impact patient outcomes.


This ‘Vector A’ was designed to express the gene for N6, an antibody that binds to the GP120 protein on HIV’s envelope. …

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I’ve been meaning to write a pithy article about why conservatives should get fucked. Not metaphorically, but in the sense that, intentionally receiving some of what they are so willing to dish out might add a layer of self-awareness and finesse that would perhaps otherwise be absent.

On a seemingly unrelated note, I participated in an Ayahuasca ceremony a couple weeks ago.

I was intrigued about the possibility of doing ‘shadow work’: of coming into contact with parts of myself that my ‘normal’ cognition doesn’t oft perceive, and perhaps reconciling if not integrating to create something more whole that what…

Summary: In late 2017, I tested out a gene therapy that targets HIV. The describes the protocol used for testing out a similar yet different gene vector, as well as an update following the first week.

As described in earlier articles, this 2nd version is designed to deliver the gene for N6, an antibody that binds to HIV’s GP120 protein. This 2nd version (N6 v2) has the bacterial elements removed from the plasmid, creating a ‘mini circle’ that may last for months if not years in one’s body.

We expect to have data from this experiment in May.

Safety: One…

Summary: Preliminary data for the efficacy and duration of the plasmid vector looks promising. The 2nd test injection, for a plasmid containing the gene for the HIV neutralizing antibody known as N6, will happen in January or February. I’ll be staying on conventional medicine but will be collecting quantitative data for an accurate measure of the plasmid’s effect over 2–3 months. If/when this initial vector’s durability is confirmed, other vectors will be developed to make a ‘cocktail’ that could suppress the virus indefinitely with practically no chance of evolutionary escape.

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It’s been over a year since I first tested a…

July 4th, 2013. The District of Columbia radiated a sticky heat from all directions as thousands of patriots dressed in red, white, and blue came swarmed to celebrate the origin story of the Greatest Empire the Earth has seen.

Weeks earlier, Edward Snowden’s revelations on the scope of the NSA’s spying had started to drop.

A rally was organized to protest mass surveillance on McPherson Square, in the heart of D.C.. “Restore the Fourth!” it demanded, pointing to the “unreasonable search and seizure” of our data that had just been confirmed by Snowden’s treasure trove of documents.

I strapped my…

As last great philosopher-poet of the 20th century, Haddaway, asked us:

What is love?

Nobody seems to have a universal definition. Perhaps some couples have a shared definition of love… just as some couples seem skilled at using their imagination to pretend to have the same meaning of love while their house of cards burns around them.

Love and gravity seem like a correlate. There is something intimately familiar in the dance of binary star systems; bodies revolving around each other just as two engaged in courtship. …

TL;DR: Started back on conventional medicine (HAART). Putting together a cocktail for the long term suppression (plasmid) and excision (CRISPR?) of HIV. Ascendance researchers are still working together. Going into stealth mode until then.

With Aaron’s passing, a lot of people are wondering about the fate of the HIV gene therapy that was being developed by Ascendance Biomedical, and was first tested by this author. This article will provide some context and outline what the future looks like.

The initial version of the therapy may have protected my immune system (based on the abnormally high CD4 count) but it failed…

Aaron Traywick, founder of Ascendance Biomedical, was a warrior for a better future. He took self-experimentation seriously; constantly trying to optimize his own health, and even putting his own safety on the line while trying to prove a treatment for herpes.

It has been just over a week since Aaron was found in a sensory deprivation flotation tank by the staff, who reported that he seemed “sluggish” while checking in. Aaron was not at an emotional high point in his life — many of his colleagues had parted ways and he was facing immense challenges coming from many angles. While…

As told by three ex-Citizens of BitNation

Blockchains are believed to be a medium for political evolution — from the present rule by a corporate oligarchy, into a nebula of voluntary associations — but process will be accompanied by titanic echoes as the pillars of centralization crumble.

TL;DR: BitNation is not able to address the complexities of creating a virtual jurisdiction [1], has not helped a single refugee despite their public relations campaigns, and is ruled by a pair of violent (ex?) intelligence operatives trained by the US and UK[4].

Three ex-co-founders warn: Invest in BitNation’s ICO at your own…

Tristan Roberts

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