In this story, we will see the main psychological effects of Black Friday in our minds.

It is in the last Friday in November and it is so famous for discounts in most shops and online platforms. What psychological-game is behind it?

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The stores are crowded and consumerism prevails in the cities. However, individuals normalize it without realizing what it all comes down to.

For all the curious people who ask, this is what happens to us in the face of this avalanche of sales and discounts that make us buy disproportionately …

The appearance of the need

This story shows the science behind the human “best friend”

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Dogs are very sociable, affectionate and faithful indiscriminately because they possess genes that activate this behavior, which is, in turn, the same as those that wolves lack. The mere fact that we do not share a common language with dogs means that there is more and more research willing to decode through the scientific method why dogs are the way they are and act the way they do.


Psychologist Clive Wyne of Arizona State University is an expert on canine behavior and author of Dog is Love, one of the latest books to address the meaning and origin of hyper…

These are the main techniques used by the big — and not so big — brands of online sales to manipulate you and make you buy them

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That’s how they manipulate us so that we end up spending a lot more.

Since time immemorial, we humans have used psychological tricks to take advantage of our neighbors for our own benefit.

Of course, this survival tool has been perpetuated to this day and is even part of the way many companies and people work, who although they do not cheat, because the law keeps them at bay on many occasions, manage to manipulate our brain to make us choose the option they want.

It is well known that the big supermarket chains use many of these tricks, which…

Based on my experience

This story shows how it can help you be yourself and make you more happiness in your life

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There are many times in life when you can feel betrayed, disappointed or simply very upset with someone you considered a “friend”.

The term “friend” is greatly underestimated in times where social networks and the digital world continuously interact in our social relationships. It matters to have five hundred friends on Facebook even if you’ve only ever met them once or not at all. We are all looking for that “ego”, it is undeniable. However, a few years ago I learned why the “friend” must be very well defined with respect to the “known”, or popularly misnamed “friend”.

Why differentiate

Before going…

Knows the habits that exist to increase (or worsen) the health of the brain.

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Our brain is a living organ in which phenomena absolutely essential to our daily life occur.

If we make a metaphor with the computer world, we could say that the human brain is the CPU that governs and controls all the processes of the computer equipment, that is, of our body, our mental processes, our physiological processes, neurochemical processes… In short, the brain is the executive organ that allows us to live, think, move, perceive through the senses and perform any activity of our daily lives.

There are a number of tricks and techniques to make your brain faster and…

Discover in this story the common facts that creative people have

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Creativity is often understood like the ability to create new ideas whose development serves a purpose.

Popularly, creativity is perceived as an immanent gift to a chosen few, a talent that everyone would like to possess but that only a few actually have, as a personality attribute of their own.

Numerous studies have tried to explain how people can develop these creative capacities, and therefore have detected certain keys and techniques to manage to exploit the creative potential of each subject.

Until recently, researchers had not paid much attention to the personality traits of people with creative abilities. In order…

In this story, we will see how easy it is to manipulate the population-based on ignorance

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A study by the University of California, and the Australian National University, presented a computer model of how scientific consensus crystallizes, and how this influences the opinion of policymakers. The team also studied how easily these views can be distorted.

Sellers of controversy and uncertainty

There are little tricks to improve the number of sales by taking advantage of shortcuts in our minds.

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From the origins of the society and its first commercial methods such as barter (exchange of material goods of similar value) to the present time, the need has been generated in the businessmen to make known and promote their products to be the most sold ones.

Traditionally, the trend for companies to achieve more income was based on applying more resources when advertising their brands. For example: if five ads bring an increase in sales of 100,000 cars per year for a car brand, theoretically by placing 10 ads sales would double.

This strategy would be the perfect equation if…

Mostly written by great minds

All these books are in the public domain, don’t excuse possible, so take them and enjoy science in its most pure state!

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Science books are like neuronal tsunamis, cultural storms, seismic movements whose epicenter is found in what we consider to be unquestionable, untouchable or faith dogma.

Every science book, throughout history, has provoked these effects to a lesser or lesser extent.

Here I’m going to introduce you to the ones that came highest on the Richter scale 🤓

1. Cosmography of Claudius Ptolemy

It presents the Earth as the center of the universe and determines the conception of the world between the 2nd and 16th centuries. His false data on the extent of Asia motivated Columbus’ voyages. …

What direct effects will the paralysis of the Chinese economy have on us without counting other countries like Italy?

Photo by Ali Arif Soydaş on Unsplash

Without counting the expansion of the coronavirus in countries like Italy and probably many more, what direct effects will the paralysis of the Chinese economy have on us?

China has been in quarantine for almost a month. The COVID-19 virus outbreak is causing the Chinese government to lock hundreds of millions of people in their homes for public health reasons.

Freedom of movement is limited and with it the freedom to consume and produce.

Moreover, given China’s growing importance in the world economy and especially in the Pacific Rim, the impact on the Chinese economy will be clearly felt in…

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