I do things differently.

Because of all the people who have come before me. My ancestors, your ancestors. Let me explain this a little better…

As a species, we’ve been doing the same shit for thousands of years. Nothing has really changed. The best we’ve managed, is to continue to be afraid of each other, afraid of ourselves, afraid of change, afraid of including, afraid of difference... ad infinitum.

You get the picture.

So why not learn from our mistakes? I mean really practice the art of learning.

For example, don’t be traditional or conservative. These are values which have catastrophically failed us in the past. They’ve held us back from progress into knowledge, wisdom and compassion. They caused wars, famine and suspicion.

So instead…

Break the rules, or at least bend them. Go against the grain. Try something controversial or counter intuitive. There is always another way to do something.

Remember, the best way to flourish is to plant new seeds into fresh soil.




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Charlie Ballard

I'm Non-binary, high functioning Autistic, atheist, with a queer sexuality. I understand evolution is inevitable, & change is the catalyst of growth.