I’m sharing these ideas because so far I don’t think my entrepreneurial skills would allow me to make this happen — but I think this must be done by someone anyways!

Let’s start!

Youtube suggests what to watch. Facebook feed shows You their opinion of a great time. Twitter shows conversations You just have to be a part of. Medium picks 5 articles You have to read today. Google measures the importance of information and presents it in an orderly fashion. And all of these companies have one thing in common!

You have no real choice.

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Let’s start with another premise… In order to improve Yourself — You need to put Yourself in uncomfortable situations. If You can’t talk in public, You should fail in public speaking as many times as You need until You finally succeed. And then put more work on top to improve even more. Same goes for any other field. You want to grow muscle? Pick a weight that You can’t even lift. Repeat till You lift it once. Lift it 10 more times. Lift it a hundred more times. Thousands. Millions. …

In the world, where an algorithm decides what You should watch, fighting back might be the only option we have left.

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I remember 10–12 years ago when I first created my Facebook profile. It was a story like every other… One of my friends casually asked if I already have Facebook. I created my profile that same day.

Not sure what the exact year it was, but I remember that infinite scroll was still not a thing, even though it has been introduced to the world shortly after that. As I watched how others used Facebook more than I actually used it myself… I started noticing some trends.

People were very spontaneous of what they liked-followed. They also seemed to never unfollow anything. …

What do You need to know about the Game of Life before 2021 starts?

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For those of You new to the game of being a human and looking for a guide to get up to date ASAP, I collected all the most important beginner advice if You are planning to play in the season 2021 of the current world meta.

Again, I am just a casual player of life with no significant achievements in ranked mode, neither I am part of the developer team. All these 2020 patch notes come from my personal observations and I hope they will be helpful for all new players ready to join the Game of Life.

Game of Life: Basics

Let’s begin with the first principles You need to know in order to play in the current earth meta. …

Spiral Dynamics value system explains how our consciousness develops and grows

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Beige, purple, red, blue, orange, green, yellow, and finally turquoise. These colors explain our path from a scared baby to complete enlightenment. A path from survival needs, to complete fulfillment and satisfaction.

The simple yet intricate model, that I am about to share with You, explains the evolutionary development of individuals, organizations, and societies. Spiral Dynamics is an eight-level system based on the emergent cyclical theory of Clare W. Graves and further developed by Don Edward Beck and Christopher Cowan.

Spiral Dynamics explains why we have conflicts. It explains how we grow. How our values change as we better ourselves. …

10 things You must do to fail as a leader

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We all met someone who is clearly unqualified to be a leader or might even have worked for an incompetent leader. Most of us spend hours talking back to this leader inside our heads until we decide we are done.

But what makes a shitty leader? What makes a person who should be someone we follow and admire to have the opposite impact on You and Your coworkers? Here’s a list of things that will definitely make the most pathetic leader that nobody will follow.

1. Force People to Follow You

Respect comes from bragging and intimidation. Start by impressing Your followers with the authority You have by also making them fear You. …

Multitasking actually means being good at doing one thing at a time

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We have all been there… 8 hours in the office just past and on Your way out, somebody asks You one simple question that strikes You dead.

How was Your day?

You have no idea. You are not sure what You actually did that whole time. Sure, You can remember a task or two, but all of this seems way too short to be a full working day.

I am sharing 5 crucial steps that I can’t do without anymore. I sometimes still have some struggles with implementing the last step on the list. …

How the crowd reacts to You, makes You reuse ideas.

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If You will ever manage to get something viral, You will try to replicate it again. And again. This can mean using the same premise, style, tone of voice, or any other feature of the thing that went viral.

You might succeed or not, but one thing is for sure. You will assume that what You did was good. That’s why it succeeded.

The crowd or the audience chooses things that go viral and things that don’t. The crowd is the only entity that has a saying in this. Attention has been the main currency of the world for quite some time. …

10 leadership traits, that will help You to maintain followers.

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Some people want to lead, but others can lead. This might seem like a tiny gap to close, but the list of skills and features a great leader must have — might not be as short as it might seem at first.

There are two main types of leadership — one where You have followers and one where You have (for the lack of a better word) slaves. One makes You a leader by admiration and sympathy of Your peers. The other form of leadership has been enforced by brute force.

The first form of following can easily remain even after You are dead. Think Martin Luther King. And the other will collapse sooner or later. Think Stalin or Hitler. Worse than that, leadership by force always collapses, sooner than You would expect. …

Millennials haven’t been thought how to use the internet and here we are…

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Real-life Tony Stark of the third millennium — Elon Musk has launched a private school called Ad Astra for his 5 sons back in 2014. Not only that — this school is located on the premises of SpaceX and has been accepting candidates, making this unique education institution “not so very private” after all.

Ok, I might have lied on this one — visit Ad Astra school page and You will understand how not private this educational project is. But just the existence of it raises a deep question…

What’s Wrong With Education Today?

It doesn’t reflect the world of today. Moreover, the education system we have today is not taking into account the future that today’s toddlers will be living in. Heck, in most places it’s not even taken into account what the world looks like today. …

Millennial parents have a unique problem on their hands when it comes to raising children. And we don’t control it so well ourselves.

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Those who were born in the 80's or ’90s, still have a vague image in their minds how the world looked before the internet took of. Everything felt slower. Children born today will never feel that stillness. They will be thrown in to the stream of information.

Some will learn to swim in it. Others will drown.

That’s natural selection. Each and every parent has a responsibility to help their children learn how to swim in this stream of data. …


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"The more suicides, the fewer suiciders." I write about socio-political-psychology-tech topics and other futuristic stuff.

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