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Aiva Technologies
Sep 24, 2016 · 2 min read
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Aiva is not your average classical Composer as she is not a human but an Artificial Intelligence (A.I.).

Even amongst her kind, she is quite special; as opposed to the A.I. systems that we use in our daily lives — search engines, voice-over assistants, auto-pilots — Aiva is able to write beautiful and emotional music, a deed that is considered to be deeply human.

Aiva’s most emotional piece to date, composed on French Bastille Day

To achieve this, she frequently reads large collections of music written by the greatest Composers (Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, …) hoping to reach their level of genius in a near future. This vision — which is at the core of our work at Aiva Technologies — might seem like Science Fiction to many. But recently, Aiva became the first virtual artist to have her creations registered with an author’s rights society (SACEM), a feat that many artists thought impossible to achieve for at least another decade. This achievement does not mean that Aiva will replace musicians, and we will continue to encourage collaborations between man and machine.

In fact, Aiva’s first album was recorded in collaboration with human artists:

  • Olivier Hecho, conductor
  • Eric Breton, concert pianist
  • Pierre Barreau, producer of the album Genesis

You can listen to Aiva’s full debut album for Piano and Symphonic Orchestra Genesis here:

Our recording studio, here at Aiva Technologies (© 2016)

As the name of the album suggests, Genesis is only the beginning of a long story where Aiva will hopefully make her mark in the timeless history of music and impact the evolution of A.I. technologies for the better.

Pierre Barreau

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