Nousplatform will issue NSU

In recent weeks, it has become clear that different jurisdictions are viewing cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects with greater scrutiny. As a result, to remain compliant with applicable laws and regulations, we are opting to move forward with developing the Nousplatform, but we are unable to commit to distributing tokens of pilot funds as originally described. This allows us to avoid substantial risks for our supporters located in jurisdictions with changing legal frameworks.

We are, however, making it possible for supporters in most jurisdictions to work with us at Nousplatform. To make this possible, we will be issuing NSU tokens rather than the NST tokens as described in an earlier version of our whitepaper (NST will convert to NSU on an even exchange basis, i.e. 1NST => 3,22 NSU) with early supporters receiving a bonus:

Hard Cap $18M = +15% NSU

Hard Cap $22M = +15% NSU

From all of us at Nousplatform, we thank you for your support and understanding.

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