Nousplatform’s Pre-ICO starts on May 20

As we have announced before, our early pre-sale round was successful and brought in $550,000. We are progressing at a very impressive pace. We have extended our research and development team that is working very hard in order to complete and launch a beta version of an efficient and effective platform for everyone to use in as short a period of time as possible. In addition to development of the Nousplatform, we are extending the pool of partners, vendors and collaborators. Our executive team has been working day and night in order to achieve success.

Over the last six months, our executive team was traveling the world and attending blockchain forums, conferences, conventions and other venues and private meetings. His assignment was to introduce Nousplatform to the community of blockchain and crypto enthusiasts and professionals. We have received strong positive feedback which has allowed us to create and solidify relationships and partnerships with the most advanced players in the field such as Nem, XTRD and other top organizations.

All of us at Nousplatform are working tirelessly to achieve our goal to bring together all the participants in the new brave world of distributed ledger technology. We are moving forward at a fast pace, and at this time we are happy to announce the launch of the Pre-Ico round that will start on May 20, 2018. In the near future, you will learn about bounty campaigns, an updated presentation, and information about the release of the beta version of Nousplatform.

We want to take a moment to thank the entire community of our supporters on this journey to our mutual success in making Nousplatform the best place for investors, investment funds, and all other users.

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