Introducing Aivvy — redefining the future of the music experience…

By David Ring

Since the turn of the century, the music business has been in flux. Napster burned things to the ground, but the rebuilding process has been arduous, and fifteen years later, nothing feels settled.

CD sales have been falling off the cliff for years, downloads are already falling just as hard and many people have simply stopped investing in music, despite the fact that they want to listen. Part of the problem is the wealth of choices they have; it sounds great to have access to millions of tracks, but in truth it’s just overwhelming. You don’t want twenty million songs — you want to hear one perfect song at the one perfect moment.

And as anyone who has watched with horror as the plane door closes and realized they didn’t save any music for the ten-hour trip can attest, all this post-revolution music sometimes doesn’t travel well. Do you want to spend a run or a hike staring at your phone, hoping the battery lasts long enough? Do you want to spend hours sorting and building playlists, rather than being served songs you love?

At Aivvy, we recognize that the problems are big — but we are going to try to solve them anyway. We started with a Kickstarter campaign that was a runaway success, and now we’re close to launching a product that we think will move the conversation forward — as well as providing customers a never-ending supply of great music catered to their individual tastes and across devices that they will love.

Aivvy is a next generation music wearable. And while in the future the Aivvy platform will manifest itself in the car and the home via all sorts of connected devices, for now all you need are the headphones, which were designed specifically with the intent to provide the ultimate music listening experience in both sound quality and comfort. Just slip into your headphones and the music begins to play. That’s it. You can walk around with your eyes forward, head up, taking in the world, making adjustments to the music right on your ears. Explore the world around you, remove the worries of being connected — your music will play on and on without a wifi or LTE connection. You don’t have to worry about making playlists, as the system learns what you love based on your feedback and refreshes your music accordingly — it’s one less thing to worry about as you go about your day.

We want to serve the music fan in the middle, the one whose interests have been forgotten in the rise of streaming. The superfans and crate-diggers will always have plenty of ways to spend hours making the perfect mix, and we salute them for it. There’s still plenty to love about Aivvy for them, too. Many people just want music to be part of their daily lives, easily and without work. This is the audience not often served well by existing platforms. Aivvy makes things easy, and provides fans with a beautiful way to listen to music we know they will love. The forgotten middle — the ones who bought all those CDs back in the day but haven’t known where to go since Tower closed — they’ll be well served by Aivvy. Those who still love listening to FM radio despite almost 15 minutes of commercial interruptions every hour… they will also love and be well served by Aivvy. Buy a pair of high quality Aivvy headphones or portable speakers and it will automatically be bundled with our personalized music service for one full year. After that, a modest monthly fee can continue to keep your music service current…

All of us are excited to unleash the product into the market, and we think we’re riding the crest of a wave to innovation. Aivvy is going to change the way people listen to and interact with music.