Tip: I don’t want a relationship with you

In a previous post, I mentioned my annoyance at having to sign up to be able to buy something from a particular store. Well, here’s proof that it’s not just me who gets annoyed at that.

The article talks about how making it possible to buy something without signing up for an account increased sales of a certain retailer by $300,000,000 (yes, 300 million US dollars). You might argue that correlation =/= causation, and as with almost everything else, your mileage may vary, but if you’re an online retailer, it shouldn’t cost you anything to experiment with this and see what happens. You still get to collect customers’ email addresses for your spam campaigns (side eye) anyway, because you will need to send order confirmations once they’ve paid. The only difference is no one is forced to create a password and possibly click on a confirmation link sent to their email, and this way, you’re saving people time and extra clicks and improving your chances of making a sale. Do you have statistics on how many people have abandoned their shopping carts on your site at the point of payment? You should. What do your stats say? Do you know why the carts are abandoned? Have you tried to find out? What did you discover?

Seriously, let people check out without signing up. At worst, nothing will change (i.e. your sales volume will stay the same) but you can say in good conscience that you’re trying hard to give your customers a great experience. At best, your sales will skyrocket and you’ll be smiling to the bank. What do you have to lose?

[If you have a solid reason for insisting that buyers sign up, please let me know.]

Cheers to the weekend!

Originally published at aixen.ghost.io on February 19, 2016.