You Don’t Need To Get Married.

Your worth is not determined by how well you can acquire and maintain a romantic relationship. While perhaps it is a milestone or goal for some; marriage is not a mark of accomplishment, or valid representation of success.

When and IF you are ready, by all means! Congratulations — but ALSO know:

You don’t need to get married…

Because, you got pregnant.

Because, you want to have children.

Because your parents expect you to.

Because, you’ve been with your partner for a long time.

Because, you graduated from college, and now work at your dream job.

Because, you’ve done everything else.

Because you’re turning 25.

Because your mom was married at this age.

Because you turned 30, and all your friends are getting married.

Because your dad was married at this age.

Because you’re 40 and all your friends are married.

Because your parents never got married.

Because you’re 50.

Because people keep asking you, when you’re going to get married.

Because you don’t want to die alone.

You are enough.