What do Perspective Home Owners want?

You’re planning on upgrading your home with the prospect of selling in mind. Maybe you’re thinking of a cosmetic upgrade, bathroom and kitchen update or a full blown remodel with additions. Well… after seeing hundreds of homes and reading article after article, I’ve seen what the people want. So, if you’re planning on selling in the next few years, GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT! You’ll thank me.

Update the Kitchen

Duh, right? Kitchens sell homes…. Well, these are ideas that won’t break the bank. You can spend 20k to 30k or more, but you won’t necessarily get that value back. Here’s a good affordable plan… (1) Find a good painter and repaint the wood cabinets… (2) Swap out or add new Hardware/Fixtures… (3) Add canned lighting… and pendant lighting over the island (if applicable)… (4) Deep clean. No…not molly maid, but hire an actual professional to maintenance and clean any tile, counter-tops, etc. (5) Add Back-splash, you can do this yourself (6) Put in a Pantry (must, must)………………….. NOW for more big ticket items…They won’t break the bank and will make a huge difference in look and sales price. (1) Open Kitchen… an open floor plan is what the cool kids want, and an open kitchen to the rest of the house is major. MAKE IT FLOW! (2) Large Island… having the sink installed and seating around is a plus. It will be the focal point of your home, a place where everyone can gather around and have a grand ole’ time…. There are other optional upgrades, but this a good place to start.

Update the Bathrooms…

To make this quick and inexpensive… (1) Swap out the vanities. Put dual vanities in the master suite and 2nd bathroom. (2) Swap out hardware/fixtures (3) Put up crown molding (4) If you got the itch, go tile on the walls and floor. Stay away from most pre-fab bathroom sets, it looks cheap.

Master Suite…

Let’s keep it simple…. (1) Have a Master Suite!!!… This is a must for potential home buyers. Make it work. (2) Large walk-in closet (3) Dual Vanity (4) Canned Lighting. Obviously, some of these upgrades aren’t possible for all homes, but do what you can. If you’re adding on or maybe have 4-bedrooms, add or convert an additional room to a master suite. This should be your first priority.

Laundry Room….

Having a laundry area is adequate, but having a separate laundry room is better. If the square footage isn’t there, dress the laundry area up with a built-in look or put in the garage.


(1) Canned recessed lighting. (2) Pendant lighting over the island, dining area, etc.. (3) Swap out old lighting fixtures inside and out. All three will give the home a much more modern and updated look.


SO… Have an updated open kitchen with an island/peninsula and a pantry. Update to canned recessed lighting and swap out/add fixtures and pennant lighting. Include a beautiful master suite, with dual vanity and walk-in closet. Don’t forget to update laundry room or area. Lastly, remember flow is ultra-important. Lastly, refrain from being too unique.

Thank you for your time. Need Real Estate help call (626) 824–3768, visit my website ajcorsini.dilbeck.com. I cover the greater LA area and beyond. I can find whatever you need, wherever you need.