Construction in a Technological World

Beyond communication and real-time data tracking.

As the technology world develops, we at a.j. Veneklasen, Inc. are committed to progress alongside it. Construction and technology are topics that are not often spoken about collectively — yet we have managed to find the two cooperate quite well together within our company’s daily functions. Using technology to track ongoing projects and communicate with project team members has proved extremely effective for our business thus far.

Within the last year, AJV has transitioned to using a product called Procore Technologies, where every project can be uploaded and updated virtually. This construction management software has enabled our company to have 24/7 communication between the field and office employees as well as between client, contractor, and trade partners.

With this tool, AJV can give the customer real-time updates on the project as well as upload current pictures, track progress, and notify the client of any changes to the project scope. The same goes for communication between the trade partners and General Contractor on the job — with this new ability to communicate effectively, there is little room for error and constant monitoring on the job. Procore has brought our communication to another level.

Beyond communication and real-time data tracking, this technology has given AJV the ability to upload documents for viewing and sharing information. This feature is a key example of the simplicity technology has been able to provide to our construction management abilities.

This is one example of how AJV has managed to embrace technology — and from this software in particular, and we have become better for it. We eagerly educate each new customer and trade partner we engage with in this technology as a way to increase the simplicity of the project overall.

Originally published at on March 27, 2017.