Creating a Safer Workplace

A constant topic of conversation within the construction industry.

In honor of National Safety Month, a.j. Veneklasen, Inc. (AJV) decided to dedicate this blog post to ‘Creating a Safer Workplace’ in order to raise awareness of the current safety situation in the industry and provide our vision for the plans we have in place to help reduce incidents in the workplace.

AJV has partnered with Tammy Clark from TKCC for advice on the industry and safety on the jobsite. Tammy pointed out that the Michigan construction industry has seen an increase in injury cases in the past year — especially pertaining to elevated fall issues. These injuries stem from several leading causes: the increase in construction activity in Michigan and the younger generation of inexperienced individuals. Although the increase of construction in Michigan has been great for many Michigan residents — with this increase in production comes an inevitable increase in safety risks. As the gap between generations on the worksite widens even further, a more proactive stance on safety training needs to be put in place. It is not only Michigan that deals with the safety concerns involved with heights. Clark points out falls from heights account for a large portion of the yearly fatalities within construction.

Therefore, AJV and TKCC are partnering together to combat this issue with a new initiative called: AJV University. This new program provides training that enables individuals to further their knowledge of the industry and its risks — and therefore helping them to quickly move up the ranks in the field. AJV University also includes weekly ‘toolbox talks’ and monthly safety meetings to review any jobsite risks and questions that need to be answered. A large discussion topic that Tammy and her company often covers with members are conversations about dealing with the resources we have at our disposal and reviewing ways we can tap into the industry as a whole with what is readily available to us.

AJV works hard on ensuring their crew is well-equipped on a site before each project. Last year, AJV was awarded the STEP Gold Award from Associate Builders and Contractors of West Michigan for Excellence in Safety.

As Tammy Clark states, “AJV takes safety seriously, continuously raising the bar in excellence with their programs to prevent incidents and ensure excellence on the field.”

*In the past, Tammy has worked with the AJV Field Staff regarding safety trainings, certifications, and tutorials as well as OSHA specific safety requirements. She now works in conjunction with the AJV Skilled Trades division managers on soft and hard skills (such as: handling change on the job and utilizing new construction technology). This collaboration is part of the new AJV University initiative that brings field members together, equipping them with tools to advance their knowledge on the job.

Originally published at on June 28, 2017.