The Mother Archetype

New moon in Taurus

Happy new moon. New moon’s are an incredible time to set intentions, plant seeds and focus on a specific goal. Every month we have an opportunity to lay the set for the scene we’d like to create. With the moon in Taurus, the sensual, stubborn, hard working sign of the zodiac; I thought what better time than now to use this energy to focus on re-mothering oursevles.

This month I will be focusing on 2 aspects of the mother archetype. The nurturing mother and the ruthless mother. The nurturing mother, tucks us into bed at night, makes sure we have our favorite food in the fridge and reads us bed time stories. The ruthless mother watches you complete all your homework, pushes you to go places you’re feeling afraid/lazy to go too, asks you the challenging questions even when you don’t want to hear it.

Photo by M L on Unsplash

Nurturing mother rituals

  1. Putting myself to bed by setting up my room the way that relaxes me. essential oils spilling from my diffuser (I just recently got this as a gift and it’s stunning and is small but powerful). Making sure my room is clean so I can walk into a safe room where I won’t step on something if I have to use the bathroom in the middle of the night.
  2. Eating breakfast. Making sure that I wake up and nourish myself with a high fat, low carb meal to start my day off. (Listen to Jordan Peterson to find out more about the importance of eating a substantial breakfast for anxious people)
  3. Taking time to beautifying myself. Longer showers, face masks. Making shower hour actually an hour and not a rush. Putting it in my schedule like when I was a kid with bath-time.
  4. Complimenting myself. Reminding myself of all the things that are good and right in my life.
  5. Looking in the mirror and saying “you look GREAT”
Photo by Enis Yavuz on Unsplash

Ruthless Mother Rituals

  1. Holding myself accountable and making a calendar that includes, getting all my work done, getting all my personal tasks done, putting in my schedule; my workouts and self care practices. Just like when you are a kid and had planned activities. Waking up in the morning at the same time!
  2. Asking myself the hard questions: What feels incomplete in my life? Where am I not showing up? How can I work better? Where can I put more energy? Where am I slacking?
  3. Push myself. For me that looks like, promoting myself, putting myself out there, showing the world who I am. Facing my limitations and taking risks to be exposed. Don’t be afraid to embark on the journey alone.
  4. Cut out the crap! Get rid of the naughty habits that prevent me from living my fullest life. If I was allergic to something a ruthless mother would take it out of the house. Get rid of things that limit life! Cut them out with big scissors and large garbage bags.
  5. Do the honorable things. Show up in the relationships that matter even if you’re busy or feeling lazy.

There are many types of mothers out there. I wanted to focus on these 2 archetypical mother qualities because I felt they were the most useful for what I need right now. What are ways you mother yourself? What’s effortless for you? What is lots of effort? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.