App Screen 2 (UI + Backend integration)

The second screen of my web-app Travo is the Buyers screen. It consists of a search bar that provides search results based on a search string. You can request the contact details of the sellers based on the vehicle you choose. The screen in different states is shown below,

The default screen lists all the vehicles based on the ones the are most recently added. On typing a search string and hitting enter, the results are posted below the search bar.

You could also click the contact button to send the seller a request for contact details. If the request is sent successfully or is already sent, it would post the appropriate message as shown below,

The search string may not return any results if there is no one selling a particular vehicle, as in the case below,

This ends the functionality of the second screen. I will update this article w.r.t any upcoming changes. My app is hosted at

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