User feedback and Testing

I completed my MVP on 23rd of July and asked for feedback at Hasura’s slack channel(#app-feedback). The feedback I received from the interns and employees of Hasura were immensely useful in fixing bugs in the app.

Feature updates

@shark(Arpit Kushwaha) suggested I add page wise results of all vehicle to the Buy screen of the app. I have added this feature to list all the vehicles(5 vehicles per page) based on the most recently added vehicles. This is shown below.

Bug Fixes

Submit button: This was reported by @nitheeshprabu. The Sell screen has the submit button which would get disabled when the form is submitted. A few minor fixes were done to re-enable it during form re-submissions.

Adding an image: A few minor fixes to prevent the image from not being uploaded.

Year of Make: This was reported by @nitheeshprabu. The year of make field in the Buy screen accepting values of future years. This is fixed.

App Link

My app is hosted at

Feel free to give it a visit anytime and try out the features.

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