Day 34 :Encounters with God

The unit we’re on this week is about encounters with God.

A few things have stood out to me so far, but one thing that I really enjoyed was reading all the stories of the times in the Bible when God asked people to do things that required them to walk by faith, not by sight. He asked them to trust Him and to do things that they very obviously could not do on their own.

God asked Joshua to believe that He would give them the city of Jericho if they marched around the city walls for 7 days and then shouted and blew their trumpets.

God asked Gideon to believe that God could defeat his enemies with only 300 men, when Gideon had almost 32,000 to begin with.

God asked countless men and women in the Bible to follow His plan, when by human reasoning, it seemed a little crazy. And He did this so that there would be no mistaking that it was He who was doing it.

These are the moments that Blackaby refers to as “crisis of belief” moments. Moments when we have to decide what we really believe about God and act accordingly.

I’m praying that if and when God speaks to me, I recognize it as a God-sized encounter, believe God for what He is saying, and act. And I’m encouraged today by all of the stories in His word of people doing just that.

Aja and Landon Speights

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