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No, I did not accidentally Venmo someone $300, but now that I have your attention, let’s talk about Venmo.

Upon opening the app, you’re reading your friends’ transactions. Madison paid Alyssa for dinner, Thomas requested Teresa for the tickets, and Jake couldn’t think of a caption so he just used emojis. After talking to people about what they thought about the platform, there was a general consensus around two ideas:

  1. Venmo stalking is real. And weird.
  2. A good Venmo caption = success.

These two statements may not seem to agree with each other, one being a con of Venmo and…

In 2015, Apple began launching their newer and sleeker version of the Macbook Pro, with one of its main features being the new butterfly switch keyboard. However, there have been numerous user complaints about the keyboard’s feel, susceptibility to damage, faulty keys, and double typing. Apple redesigned their keyboards to produce thinner and lighter laptops; the new butterfly switch mechanism was meant to be “more stable, responsive and comfortable.” However, upon closer analysis of the design, we found ways to even further improve the keyboard’s usability.

To figure out which characteristics of the butterfly keyboard were good and bad, we…

Annie Jacob

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