2016 Goals and 2015 Goals in review

2015 goals:

  • Start investing and put in $1000.
  • Look into grad/med schools
  • Pay off my credit card
  • Write an app
  • Start my website

How did I do?

  • I started investing with Robinhood. It’s not up to $1000 but it’s a nice start in stocks. I’m slowly learning about finance and economics and I’m hoping to continue investing.
  • I’ve started applications to some schools, looking at graduate, MSTP, and MD/PhD programs. I have a direction, which was the point of this goal.
  • The credit card: it’s not paid off but it’s almost paid off. So so close.
  • Using MIT App Inventor, I’ve written a couple Android apps. They’re crap and they were for a class but I’ve gotten my feet in the water. I want to try writing something using an actual IDE next, possibly for iOS or Android. The code for them is on my GitHub and you can load them,
  • My personal website is almost done and will be up by year’s end. You can visit it here. It’ll likely be under continual revision as I add projects and pages.

So where to?

2016 goals

  • Stop all the carb-loading and eat healthier. I’ve put on a little weight this fall semester and I really need to scale back. I had been working out over the summer and managed to put on a little muscle and now I’d like to get back there. 
    Some challenges I’ll have to face: packed gyms, simple availability of junk food, a sugar addiction, cold weather (I don’t run well in snow), and a shortage of time to exercise and prepare food.
    What I’ve done to start: I’ve started reducing the junk food in my kitchen, as hard it is. I don’t eat a ton of junk food at home so it’s slow going and I can’t bring myself to just throw it all away. I’ve also organized a schedule that’s a little more conducive to coming home in the evenings in time for dinner. I’ve also picked up some cookbooks (from Ina Garten) and I plan on cooking my way through them.
  • Learn economics and finance basics. I’ve started investing and I’ve been fascinated by how money moves and how it affects politics and resources across the globe. I’ve picked up a book on the basics of economics and it’s pretty fascinating so far (I read econ textbooks for fun. I’m fun. Really. I promise.). I’m also thinking of doing the Khan Academy lectures on finance and economics. I want to learn as much as I can in my (limited) free time.
  • Take the MCAT and the GRE. This goal is a damn doozy. The general GRE I’m not terribly worried for. I’m also not too worried about half of the MCAT material (chemistry, biology and physics) but the biochemistry and psychology material is stuff I’ve never covered and I’m going to have to teach myself psych and biochem in a semester and part of a summer.
  • Finish off that credit card, invest more money, and start a savings account. So my savings account got closed on me because I pretty much drained it and never put money back in it so I need to get a savings account back. I also want to pay off my credit card and possibly switch cards to something with more rewards and benefits than the college one from Wells Fargo.
  • Outfit my kitchen fully and learn to cook more things. So in addition buying more cookbooks and cooking supplies (with help from my boyfriend, a fantastic and skilled cook), I need to actually learn how to use all my resources. Going hand in hand with my goal to be healthier, I’m hoping to make some progress in cooking more meals and expanding my cooking prowess beyond casseroles and baked desserts and into actual meals.

To keep myself motivated and occasionally remind myself of what I want, I put everything on a whiteboard in my room. This whiteboard is facing my bed and is often one of the first things I see in the morning. It also helps me plan what I do in my free time. I’m not a very self-motivated person when I don’t have work to do, so having this list helps me continue towards my goals. Now, these aren’t resolutions and if you see my progress from last year, I don’t make all of my goals. And that’s okay. I just like having them present and in front of me because that’s how I make progress. I’m pretty proud of how far I came in 2015 and I’ll be writing more about my past year in a coming post.