FYS_Selection Reflection

In the 5th grade, I first started with a slide phone.

We all started texting constantly — everyone looked like clones.

Our thumbs hit the buttons — Click, click, click, click, click.

Getting a smartphone is a game-changer.

Being addicted to my iPhone is a real danger.

Now we all text in silence.

Instead of buttons, our thumbs hit a small screen.

I am on Snapchat and Instagram all day.

Now, I am never outside to hangout and play.

Scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll.

Liking, tweeting, posting, gossiping, texting.

Is this all that important?

I take my phone everywhere.

In bed, she acts as my cuddle bear.

At 5 in the morning, she wakes me up with a loud BEEEPPP.

And she tells me about other people’s lives right before I go to sleep.

My iPhone is the first and last thing I look at each day.

At the gym she plays great music.

Before class, she helps me communicate with my friends.

Looking at my phone during meals puts conversations to end.

But she helps me stay in contact with old friends and family.

Are my friends really my friends?

Or is my phone my only friend?

She holds my memories. She holds my reminders.

She acts like a real life version of my brain.

She stops my head pains.

What ever happened to the old fashion binder reminders?

What ever happened to the digital cameras?

What ever happened to people talking face to face?

I can tell you what happened…smartphones.

Have we forgotten how to live in the present?

Have we forgotten how to communicate?

At least for me, yes.

Data Visualization
Data Visualization
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