I Watched the First Presidential Debate From a Loony Bin
Ajai Raj

cmw I’ll bite.

First off, yes, my article can be broken down into elements. Literally anything, except the most elementary particles of matter (should we ever discover them) can be broken down into elements.

More seriously, you read a lot of Clinton support into the article where there isn’t much. I voted for her, but I was never that enthusiastic about her campaign and I don’t think anything I’ve written here implies otherwise. I would have loved to see Bernie run. Or Liz Warren, had she been a serious contender.

Yes, this is primarily a personal narrative that intersects with a political moment. I’m not trying to trick anyone by sharing my experiences. Nor am I hiding my biases. I didn’t really insinuate anything. Trump had and has the enthusiastic support of David Duke. I didn’t say he’s in the Klan, or imply it. Likewise, the guy’s candidate did win. That’s just a fact.

Regarding Islam, the way it’s practiced in other countries should have very little bearing on how we treat Muslim communities here. Christian cults tend to be more abusive of women here. But this is all beyond the scope of the piece anyway.

“You look like another brown guy” (who I don’t look like) is not a great compliment. It is sort of racist, not in a way that gets my blood boiling, but in a way that’s kind of funny.

I know there’s more to Trump support than simple xenophobia, and maybe I could have noted as much, but I was mainly concerned with the story at hand.

Your main problem seems to be that this is a personal narrative instead of a thorough political analysis, which is a bit like complaining that the novel you bought isn’t a textbook. But I do appreciate your taking the time to read and comment. Take care.

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