Magnificent but Haunted places to visit in Canada

Canada is filled with different magnificent places and it’s one of the best places for tourists because of the natural and artificial fortune there. However, since different people have reported the same story often for a number of years, this means the claims about the scariness of some of the haunted places in Canada shouldn’t be renounced.

Moreover, whether you believe in ghosts or not, these are some of the places in Canada where visitors often report mysterious events; however, you can visit the places but you shouldn’t go alone.

White Otter Castle, Turtle River, Ontario

The white otter castle is a three-storey building built with a log of woods and was located very close to Ignace, Ontario. History has it that a man named McOuat James built it from scratch. However, the main purpose McOuat builds it was to serve as a dowry for his future wife.

Unfortunately, he was unable to meet the woman he wishes to marry because he drowns in white otter lake in 1918 while he was fishing and was buried beside his house. Although visitors claim to have experienced various mysterious feelings in the house; however, for those who cherish love, this should be the perfect place to experience it.

Ottawa Jail Hostel, Ottawa, Ontario

Ottawa jail hostel is known before as the Carleton County Gaol and was used for over one hundred years before it was abandoned in 1972. The jail is popularly known as the site where Patrick Whelan, a politician murderer and two others two were hanged. Although, after it was abandoned, it serves as a hostel for low budget travelers for sometimes before it was abandoned because of the mysterious incidents happening there.

However, there are stories that Whelan’s ghosts do visit the jail and visitors and guests reported that they usually hear mysterious voices whispering “Our Father”. Think you’re brave? You can visit the Ottawa jail hostel and even spend a night in one of the cells.

Frank Slide, Alberta

Frank is a coal mining town located in Alberta and it was recorded that in the early hours of April 29, 1903, a massive limestone rock (probably 90 million tons) slide down the turtle mountain on some part of the town which includes the rail line and the local coal mine. It was recorded that over 90 residents were killed and remain buried in the stones until today.

However, the landslide is known as the deadliest in Canada’s history. However, since the disastrous event occurs, it has been recorded by the residents of the town that they usually see lights and strange mists on the turtle mountain where the landslide occurred.

Craigdarroch Castle, British Columbia

The Craigdarroch Castle was located in Victoria, British Columbia in 1890. The exorbitant castle was built to serve as a personal home for a coal king. But unfortunately, the man died before the completion of the house and since then, it has changed ownership and it has now become a place for tourism. It was reported by tourists that they do see a woman in white standing alone in the ballroom, the piano playing itself, even voices of children crying and it has become a sanctuary for ghosts. Do you doubt the claims? Visit the castle and see for yourself!

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