Benchmarking Kotlin Sequences

AJ Alt
AJ Alt
Sep 19, 2018 · 5 min read

What are Sequences?

Benchmarking setup

list.filter { true }.map { it }.filter { true }.map { it }
.filter { true }.map { it }.filter { true }.map { it }


Time to perform a number of operations on a list of integers. All three axes are log-scale. Lower is better. “chain length” is the number of filter and map operations chained together.
Time per item to perform a number of operations on a list of 1 million ints. Lower is better.
Time per item for lists minus time per item for Sequences. Positive values mean that lists are slower, and negative values mean the Sequences are slower.
list.filter { true }.map { Thread.sleep(0, 5000); it }
Total time to run with a map function that takes 5µs { Thread.sleep(0, 5000); it }.first { it > 2 }


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