Do you agree with Schiller when he says the future of pro mobile computing is the tablet?

It’s a complicated question. On one hand, yes I do. Now we have two 12" form factors: iPad Pro and Macbook. Same display, same (at least ability to have a) keyboard. But they’re very, very different in that touch is only on one of them. This forces OS X and iOS to create a clear division between products. Maybe the ultimate device is what Windows has been doing for a while with hybrids, but Apple would have to do it better.

The key here is that the OS needs somewhat common frameworks, paradigms, and concepts in order to even explore these new options. And not in the way Windows 10 handles it. If you look at my mockups, you’ll notice that the windows are very responsive. But doing this redesign and adopting a superset of UIKit, you begin to see how the responsiveness and layout could scale to touch.

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