Spark Round 2

Yesterday was a good for Layers. In June I had spent the better part of a week, fresh in my new role with our fledgling startup, preparing an application for the Innovacorp Cape Breton Spark Competition. This competition gives a seed funding prize between $10,000 and $50,000 to successful participants. Our application, and ten others, were accepted out of twenty eight applicants and now move on to a pitch presentation where I’ll have fifteen minutes to convince the panel of judges that Layers can be a company with a huge number of users. It’s tough, because in Nova Scotia funding agencies like enterprise solutions. It’s easy to understand how you’re going to make money as an investor when the company has a pricetag built in. Much harder to make the same bet when the companies main success metric is in how many people regularly use the thing. We’re excited in any case, and this could be a great start in inspiring consumer apps out of Cape Breton.

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