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© All Graphics by Ajan Patel & Luke Pohlman

In early March of this year, Bill Zittel was hard at work in his greenhouses in Eden, New York — pacing the aisles, inspecting his crops and checking in with employees. With no overbearing fears of walking within six feet of another person or shaking a gloveless hand, Zittel continued doing all the things necessary to keep the farm in order.

Five hours away in Hudson, New York, Freya Dobson was engaging in similar work at Hudson Hemp, a regenerative farm dedicated to the well being of the planet and all of its inhabitants.

As the Brand Director for the company, Dobson documented the daily events of the farm for social media. Unaware of the global events that would follow in the coming weeks, she and the rest of the Hudson Hemp team carried on preparing for the new growing season without a second thought. …

Ajan Patel

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