We had been looking for a way of boosting our Jetpack subscribers as although we have over 4 million hits in total on our blog and over 5000 visitors a day, not many people actually sign up to follow our blog.

This is probably due to us providing technical guides and once someone has what they need, they move on and tend to not come back.

But we wanted to change that and get more people to return to us…


When you start to Google things like getting visitors to return to your site, you tend to get a lot…

If you are looking to update your Windows 10 to the latest version of 1903, you would normally just head into Settings > Update and Security and then check for Windows Updates.

You should then be presented with any Windows Updates that your machine requires and allow them to install.

Once complete, reboot your machine and give it the time it needs to carry out what is usually a large update, bringing your machine up to Windows 1903.

But I don’t see the 1903 update?

If, like me, you are using an Enterprise version of Windows 10, or if your machine is simply not showing the update…

As you may have noticed, over the last week we have made some dramatic changes to our blog as a whole.

This has included a complete change of theme, even moving to a paid “Pro” version theme and a lot of speed and code optimisation.

The one thing that was really bugging us though was the amount of WordPress plugins we were using. In total, we had 32 active plugins. This is mostly down to pure laziness! It is much simpler to install a plugin and let that do all the work, rather than code it yourself.

But, the time…

If you have the need to factory reset your Sky+ HD box, then there is a few simple steps that you need to follow.

Step by Step Guide

First press the Services button on your Sky remote which will take you into the Services section:

In Windows 7 there was an excellent tool called Windows Easy Transfer to transfer all your settings and data from one machine to another or to backup data to restore after a computer rebuild.

Well Microsoft being the helpful company they are decided to remove this from Windows 10!

So, we are fighting back and showing you how to get Windows Easy Transfer to work on your Windows 10 machine.

Video Guide


We have created a walk through video on how easy it is to download and run Windows Easy Transfer on a Windows 10 computer. You can take a look at…

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