Part 1: Introduction

Who hasn’t been a victim of data loss? Well, almost all of us have at some point of time faced loss of data. Data loss in Mac can happen in several ways.

For instance:

  • Virus attack: the virus could have got into your PC when you used a malicious site while browsing, or when you clicked on some ad that wouldn’t stop popping up on your page. …

This is a re-post of a guide that we posted about two years ago, but this happened to us again this
week so thought it would be good to share again…

We ran into an issue where our newly created folders and runbooks in Orchestrator were not showing up in our SCCM (MDT) Execute Runbooks task sequence.

We started to run some checks and found out that these folders and runbooks were not showing up in Orchestrator Web Console either, although all previous ones were showing.

After much frustration, we came across a simple fix….

If you have this issue…

As the Xbox is getting ready to counterpunch the PS5 with its games event on July 23rd, The Gaming Setup has made a recap of everything we know so far about the upcoming consoles.

PS5 vs Xbox Series X Comparison

While we still wait to see what games Xbox has lined up and what the prices are for the new consoles, we have some information to start forming opinions. Are you going to want more raw processing power from the Series X or the crazy fast SSD speeds of the PS5?

PS5 vs Xbox Series X Infographic
PS5 vs Xbox Series X Infographic

PlayStation Plus is also another exciting gaming console that has been released last year you can enjoy games on it as well.

There seems to be some confusion lately over how to make our Windows 7 Lock Screen Changer utility work correctly.

We have had a few reports of people who are trying to use the program getting the following error message when clicking on the Import button:


This is because although you may be logged into your computer as an administrator, this is not the same as running the program as an administrator. to amend your computers registry, the program needs to run elevated on your machine, this means running the program as an administrator.

To do this, all you have…

With the release of the new Microsoft Edge internet browser, we have now added the 64-bit and 32-bit MSI installers to our MSI Downloader SourceForge site.

You can download it directly from Sourceforge at the moment as we have a new release of our MSI Downloader program coming out in the next few weeks which will include this new Microsoft Edge MSI files and also DropBox, Screenpresso and a few other new MSI packages that we need to add to version 1.4.

You can get the Microsoft Edge MSI installers direct from Microsoft below:

Download Microsoft Edge MSI Installers

You can also download our MSI Downloader tool below from SourceForge:

Download MSI Downloader

We have now uploaded the MSI installers for the FileZilla Client version release, 3.29.0.


To download, simply scroll down towards the bottom of this page and you will see the options for this download. Ensure you select the correct one and click the blue Download button as detailed below:


Full instructions on how to use the MSI installers for mass distribution are also available here.

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The chances are good that your phone is the most valuable item on your person at any one time. It’s also a means of accessing sensitive data about every aspect of your life. Accidental damage, theft, and hackers all pose threats of some kind. If you want to avoid these problems, then taking a few extra precautions is advisable.

But what do those precautions look like? Let’s take a look at some of the things you might do.

Lock your Phone

If you…

Since web development team understands that working with images; you don’t always need web control. There are better options to this and in this post, they will talk about these options. Read this post to know more.


For working with images in, it is not always required to make use of web control. If multiple files are being used and these are not required to be displayed or it is required to display a thumbnail to the browser, then prefer the use of the Graphics core class library instead of using web control. …

If you are looking for an SCCM SQL query to create a report to search for machines which do not have a particular software installed, you can use the following:

Select Distinct
v_R_System sys
JOIN v_Add_Remove_Programs arp
ON sys.ResourceID = arp.ResourceID
sys.ResourceID not in
(select sys.ResourceID
v_R_System sys
JOIN v_Add_Remove_Programs arp ON sys.ResourceID = arp.ResourceID
DisplayName0 = @displayname)

Then you can use the variable @displayname to choose from a drop down of software that is in the SCCM database pulled from client machines. The query you can use for that is:


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Have you ever tried a cam chat site? If not, you are missing out on some serious fun. If yes, which is your favourite one? Sometimes, we just think that the sites we actively use are the sites best in the business.

But, some gem of video chat sites is silent winners in the game. There are some extremely great chat sites that have been crafted to perfection. …

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