Grey Tears

16th Dec 2005 Manhattan, United States

“I am busy, Mom. We’ll talk about it later.” Jonathan boorishly said while searching his crucial documents.

“I would be needing the glasses to read the Holy book, son. It’s been over a week since I went to church.” Katherine remorsefully requested Jonathan.

Oh, what an unfortunate incident that was! The poor woman, unaware discernibly cracked the only source she had, for spending her miserable span left, with the almighty. All hapless Katherine wanted was a pair of new spectacles. Was it so extravagant request? An old woman demanding lens rather vision from his son. Was that so arduous? The duties of the son were distinctly a hoax for Jonathan. The revolting glance of Barbara further grieved the old lady. Barbara was the angel of Jonathan, who also turned out to be a witch for his mother. She despised Katherine. She wanted to send her to the old age institution after their marriage. I think there were some traces of affection left in Jonathan, when he refused.

The old woman was wounded by the arms of loathsome behavior of her family. Family… This word embraces a deep connection, a selfless fondness and purity of relations. When this word would have been created, I think the creator must have been in profound love with his clan. Hence he used the word “Family”. A feeling of closeness is attached to the word whether or not sons like Jonathan would acknowledge it.

I don’t really believe that reasons such as a terrible loss in business and worsening financial condition can give you the right to foul the sacred relation between a mother and son. When Jonathan was in the womb, his father worked in double shifts to consummate his duties towards his ‘family’. Towards his son. He had every logical and factual cause for murdering him within. Though he didn’t. Katherine, too, worked rigorously at the hospital for their child. I wish their son could’ve understood their sacrifice.

Katherine was a benign soul. She was a nurse in the yesteryears. Served people with all her devotion. A lady who was renowned for her kind and amiable nature. She spent over thirty years of her life cleaning dirty fabric of patients and treating them with complete care, as she shared a warm relation with them. However, things were different now. Time flew over devils wings. Now all she possessed was the gladden memories of her husband and son. The son whose soul had died few age back. What remains now is a living corpse who could walk and talk. The inner sentiments and spirit were passed a long time. Counting days became a routine for Katherine.

Next morning Katherine didn’t wake up. I think even lord Jesus could not have grieved to that extent when he was crucified, as he did when he looked at her misery. He might have decided to implore her, bonding the souls of husband and wife. There was not much of a mourning in her home, however. There were a handful of the elderly people, who were familiar with Katherine, heard sobbing in her absence. Her son had completed each formality of her last rites.

Posterior link of days, Barbara found a letter. It was inscribed by Katherine. Content is written below -

Dear Jon,

Son I loved you with all my heart. The amount of love I had for you never changed for an instant. I admit I was let down by you several times, but god has given me the heart of a mother which pardons all the mistakes you do and still loves you endlessly. I know you are tensed about your business. You have not told me even once about it but I know. I have bestowed the Condo, which your father and I bought in New Jersey, and my entire life savings in your name. I hope this will help you up to some extent. That is all that I could help you with son from my side.

Please keep a pair of glasses on my grave. I still can’t see properly without them.

Your Loving Mother

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