Importance of Oil Change in Vehicles

Have you ever prepared a to do list and then just forgotten. Ever thought of getting the car’s oil changed, placed the reminder note on the car’s windshield and then neglecting it every time making you feel more worse? Let us just think it from a different angle; what good can be done to your vehicle merely by changing the engine oil and the filter.

Let us just assume at the first place that your car rarely touches 3500 miles on an average taken for three months. The vehicle driven less needs to get an oil change more frequently than the ones that are driven too often.When you go for a short trip, the engine gets heated up quickly and cools down at the same rate. This results in condensation. The moisture can be noticed getting accumulated on the oil fill cap like a gray oily mass. Many times people mistake it with some problem in the engine. It is advisable that you get an oil changed at least once in three months or when your vehicle has crossed 3500 miles.

Another thing worth paying attention is to keep a check under the hood of the car. There are many areas that are prone to malfunctions which if left untreated can lead to severe problems and can even cause breakdown. A professional and an experienced mechanic looks into different areas like if there is a fluid leakage or bulging hoses or frayed or cracked belts. He may even look into whether the wiper blades are perfect , if the lights are perfect and condition of tires. This can only be possible if you find a service centre that focuses more on providing quality service to their customer rather than just counting into making their sales.

Getting the oil changed regularly also helps in letting you know when is the time to take your car for routine maintenance. For example, when you change the oil for the third time, it is an indication that you should get the vehicle’s tires rotated. Also, when you add the fluids in the system, it helps in letting you know whether or not the system is leaking. If you need to add coolant regularly, this means there is some leakage and you need to fix it up as it may lead to overheating of the engine.

It is difficult to watch the underside of the car. When you ask the technician to change the oil, it gives him an opportunity to look into any problem that might exist in that area of the car. This can include broken parts of the exhaust, problems with the differential or the transmission or CV boots. Anything that has loose contact or is broken is easily visible and can be changed if noticed. This can only be done if you have left your vehicle in the hands of reputed and experienced people.