by Amanda Jane Avis

I don’t travel a ton for work. In fact, I rarely need to hop on a plane and deal with the madness of airports, horrendous security lines and the untamable power of Mother Nature. Sympathy is what I feel for those who’s lives revolve around flight schedules.

I very recently experienced multiple flights with filled to capacity cabins and I can confidently say, the luster is no longer there for me. The thrill is gone, as BB King might say. Elegance and grace were two significant characteristics of travel for me as a younger person. Now, it’s all about choosing the most comfortable attire to hopefully endure the unknown delays, seat size and potential row mate who may or may not believe in personal hygiene.

I get it…we are all busy and hurried and most likely harried. Life, today requires multiple smart devices, numerous social media platforms and a team of assistants for child care, fitness, meal planning and travel, for starters. And our intense speed seems to be the way of the world, regardless of its affect on us all.

Perhaps I long to see that distinguished gentleman who sits with pride and treats those around him with respect, eager to strike a conversation, to connect, undistracted by a screen. Maybe I am now a travel novice, a throw back to archaic times. as a 42 year old woman because I am not catapulted to and fro by my employer. Regardless, the frantic energy at our airports today brings a sweat. Just stand still a moment and allow the “buzz” and “zoom” to become clearly audible as strangers pass you by. Then allow this experience to tap you on the shoulder to remind you that faster is not necessarily better.

🌟Amanda Jane Avis is a lover of all things movement. She may be found teaching Pilates, yoga, gyrotonic or BarreJane, writing, or dancing with her three year old.

To learn more, head over to malamotion.com and grammargoddesses.com

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