By Amanda Jane Avis

Teaching movement and wellness is absolutely my calling in life, second to being a mommy, of course. When I’m in the moment of connecting with a client or student, it is such joy! Like finding that perfect piece of music that allows you to float away, getting in a groove in a live or virtual session can elevate our awareness and understanding of physicality and its endless possibilities. It is our duty, as teachers to strive for ease of communication, trust and excitement in each meeting. These relationships with our students are nourishment for our souls and if we are truly in love with teaching, we approach each session as an opportunity to serve our communities no matter what level of fitness we encounter.

Being a cognizant instructor, aware of the needs of her students and able to modify on the fly is essential. Our students look to us as mentors and sources of knowledge and experience…even to the level of guru (appropriate, or not). We owe them focus and creativity, wisdom and experience. That sense of service is what allows great teachers to continue for years, spreading the lessons of their particular modality of movement like a passionate preacher at the pulpit.

With the abundant fitness and wellness options available, we teachers must set ourselves apart by being not only good, but excited! Our energy is incredibly distinguishable and our audience has the immediate ability to reject or accept the potent tincture of life altering ways we are selling. To create career changing relationships with clients, your passion for teaching must burst from your belly like the rays from the sun and serve them as no other teacher ever has.

🌟🌟🌟Amanda Jane Avis is a lover of all things movement. She teaches Pilates, yoga, Gyrotonic and BarreJane. She may be found dancing with her toddler, writing, or sneaking bites of frosting. For more, visit

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