After 4 years of Android, I shifted to an iPhone last month. Here’s my honest take on the experience so far.

I’ll cut to the chase — I’ve traditionally used only android phones (MotoG, Nexus, etc.) and migrated to an iPhone 6S a few weeks ago. Below is my experience and thoughts about the experience with the different devices.

What’s good about the iPhone?

Very little. Honestly. There’re just so many components of the smartphone experience which is better with an Android.

The most simple, but significant difference is the ‘back’ button — it’s really a mystery why iPhones don’t have this feature. The iconic ‘Home’ button from the early iPhones still find a place on the phone. Why? The need for a physical button is simply not there and it is easily replaced by home buttons on the touch screen.

Outside of this, I find the App Store fairly annoying. Many simple apps (which’re free on PlayStore), are charged on the AppStore. Also, The app sizes are HUGE and updates are bulky as well. The storage space on iPhones are big enough, so space isn’t a constraint, but data and WiFi usage for downloading and updating these are heavy.

Hold on — it’s not as bad as I’ve made it sound

Obviously, the iPhone has many features which Android phones should strive to achieve. The hardware-software integration on the iPhone is pure magic. It takes only a few seconds to boot up. The hardware never heats up. It never hangs. I’m yet to restart the device for any reason, and yet, it is just as fast as the first day I used it.

I find the size of the 6S too huge — I always find it challenging to reach the top left part of the screen without moving my hands. That aside, the hardware is great to use. The simple ‘silent’ button, the fact that the charging wire works both sides, and many other great design elements make interactions with the hardware so much better than devices that run Android.

Final thoughts

Honestly, if anyone is gonna buy a new phone, I’d recommend they buy one of the higher end Android phones (like OnePlus Three). You’ll get a great experience at half the price of an iPhone.


My review might have been different if I had multiple Apple products and the cross product integration came into force, but I don’t.

Also, this is strictly from an Indian users perspective. For users living in the US, Europe and many other regions, restrictions on data/WiFi isn’t a big factor (neither is paying a small fee for downloading apps).

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