All You Need to Know About Salesforce Technical Architect

High-class and highly productive solutions are achievable with the implementation of advanced cloud computing technologies like Salesforce. Salesforce Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the world’s #1 cloud CRM system which has been prominently and consistently improving to provide finer solutions for businesses. While it has become necessary for the business owners to look forward to Salesforce professionals for their companies, Salesforce training in Hyderabad has been helping in preparing better Salesforce skilled candidates who can fulfill the needs of such companies. Skilled labor is not just enough for them, appropriate utilization of services will be fruitful for the businesses — Salesforce Technical Architect is one such key role of Salesforce profession which is responsible for the design of suitable Salesforce solutions. It is one among the highly professional positions related to Salesforce career. Let’s know about it in brief.

What is a Salesforce Technical Architect?

Salesforce Technical Architect is the professional who has a great experience in providing the right Salesforce solutions for companies. It is considered to occupy the pinnacle position of the Salesforce architecture profession.

The Salesforce Technical Architects have a keen insight on the business services and the customers’ demands. With innovative business and technological suggestions, they help in increasing the productivity and profitability of a company.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Salesforce Technical Architect

The Salesforce Technical Architects have a very important role in a company — they are associated with crucial roles and responsibilities which ultimately progress the company’s services. They work in coordination with Engagement Manager, Solution Architect, and other supporting team members for delivering the right solutions. Given here are some of the roles and responsibilities of Salesforce Technical Architects.

· Salesforce Technical Architects are engaged in understanding business requirements and then simplifying these demands into desired technical solutions on the basis of the chosen platform.

· Upon receiving updates from internal and client teams, they review and chatter posts for updates.

· They are involved in collaborative discussions — they arrange meetings with internal teams to find any engineering problems that arise in the running projects. Successful solutions are suggested within these sessions in order to eradicate the rising bugs and other technical problems.

· In order to derive the best application build, they help in designing and creating the underlying data structure and data support. They also utilize Salesforce tools like VisualForce, Apex and so on for design and development of web and mobile interfaces on platform.

· They always keep a track on the status of the designed projects and get the follow-up on acceptance-testing of the designed modules. With the timely interactions with clients, they get on-time and valuable feedback, requests and other addresses and manage the necessary updates and changes in the on-going designs. They keenly work to find the efficiency of new architectural design systems, determine how they work, and get feedback from the teams.

· Future projects are designed by them — they are engaged in the respective project management tasks and time estimates. They examine the quality of integration of newly designed solutions to the systems. They are also involved in documenting the performance of the various business applications.

· Primary and secondary resources are assigned for key engineering tasks by Salesforce technical architects. They are also engaged in undertaking R&D and prototyping.

· They have a technical hand in data modeling and data migration — they act according to the API and user-interface principles and are able to follow them efficiently. Salesforce technical architects are also engaged in source control.

However, in order to fulfill these various roles and responsibilities, the candidates should pertain certain skills and sustain and excel in the position.

Salesforce Technical Architect

Specialized Skills of a Salesforce Technical Architect

Experience in dealing with Salesforce applications by various prominent roles enables one to become a Salesforce technical architect. However, there are certain specialized skills which are being checked by employers during interviews. They are –

· Salesforce Skills

· Object-oriented Programming Development

· Proficiency in Databases, Web Applications, Java and SQL

· Good knowledge of API Integration

· Skills in System Architecture

· Experience in Application Design

· Understanding of Business Processes

· Adequate knowledge in Data Management and Extraction Transformation and Loading (ETL)

Apart from the above-specialized skills, Salesforce Technical Architects should have great business skills like communication (33.39%), customer service (26.39%), project management (19.78%), organization skills (16.14%), problem-solving (18.62%), writing (16.14%), planning (12.56%) and management (8.76%).

Salesforce Certifications Related to Salesforce Technical Architect

Salesforce Technical Architects draw high salaries of about $150,000 per year in the U.S. Certifications offered by the Salesforce Company increase the salary and adds value to the resume. It also helps in improving the knowledge and skills related to Salesforce so that effective utilization of the Salesforce platform is possible — Salesforce online training in Hyderabad from Capital info Solutions institute can be helpful in receiving efficient training in basic and advanced concepts of Salesforce. This can also help one in achieving step-by-step progress in Salesforce career and attain certification. Some of the certificates which Salesforce Technical Architect can prepare for and attain are

· Salesforce Certified Technical Architect

· Salesforce Certified Application Architect

· Salesforce Certified System Architect

The technical architects can also get specializations with certain other credentials like –

· Salesforce Certified Data Architecture and Management Designer

· Salesforce Certified Integration Architecture Designer

· Salesforce Certified Development Lifecycle and Deployment Designer

· Salesforce Certified Mobile Solutions Architecture Designer

· Salesforce Certified Identity and Access Management Designer

· Salesforce Certified Sharing and Visibility Designer

These credentials are highly valuable — they showcase extraordinary experience and extensive Salesforce skills.

The technological trends of Salesforce are in peaks and are, furthermore, expected to increase in the coming years. So, there is always a bright future for one who wishes to aspire this Salesforce profession — about 8,362 Salesforce technical architect jobs were found in the last 12 months in the U.S. This accounted for 41% of the annual growth rate in the last 4 years. However, the great investment of Salesforce skills, experience in related professions and long-lasting efforts are required to attain this position. Remember, better return on investments in your hand upon becoming a Salesforce Technical Architect. ( Check out Trends in Salesforce Job Opportunities )

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