Privacy Endangered?

I read an article some time back which said it’s possible to predict someone’s behaviour by the apps they use to which most of us would agree given our over reliance on phone to seek any help or answer any of our queries or doubts. For counseling, solution to any problem or to answer any of our insecurities we prefer to Google instead of seeking someone’s advice. And why not? As far as I know it never disappointed. It made our life easier, more convenient and in return we gave it our life’s secrets, our insecurities, our good, our bad, in short everything in the form of data. We all have a part of life we would not like anyone to know and are insecure about. With insecurities come curiosity and out of curiosity things about us which no one knows but Google certainly does.

Wonder what future may hold but I hope like Apple, Google too keeps our data safe.

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