You are not who you are today

We are all gifted and talented in our own little ways. If you look around there are as many talents and ways to manifest them as there are people. But why talents, why do we even need them? Can’t we all just live peacefully like animals without having to stress it all out? While it might be good to live a life free of toil and worry, sadly the answer is a big fat No (not even for animals)! We are thrown inside a gauntlet of a world, armed only with our gifts and flaws that either make us or break us depending on how we prioritise them.

Some of us manifest these little gifts a little sooner and nurture them into something that identifies and defines us for the rest of our lives while there are some of us who are late to the party (but it’s never too late, trust me).

There is a deep rooted belief among most civilised human beings that one has to identify their talents early in life and hone them through toil. This is good if you are really dedicated and if you are lucky enough to meet the right teachers and masters who are not only invested in you but at the same time are not blind to your uniqueness. Even if by chance your teachers suck, you will at-least find out how not to do it and take it forward.

But then this method comes with a challenge; there is always a chance where the gifts we possess and the desires we foster are totally exclusive of each other and this is also the place where we falter. Instead of taking the time to identify our natural affinities, we force our will (or the will of somebody else like a parent or a superior) over ourselves. And so, most of us stick with the popular choices (writing, management, the path of science, etc.) and practiced methods (like schooling, crash courses, etc.,) that seem to guarantee a higher chance of success and yes, they do work for us to some degree. But then slowly, you lose that sense of belonging as the coating of glamour begins to chip away and you start feeling like the shoes that you are wearing today are no longer your own.

Imagine wearing a smaller sized shoe or footwear that doesn’t suit the terrain. No matter how beautifully crafted or pricey it is or what exotic brand it is from, it’s nothing more than an unwanted punishment that you brought upon yourself. If you are in similar shoes for some reason,then it’s time you threw them away, before it gets any worse.

Now here’s the good part. Despite the existence of these well travelled roads, when we are confronted by an unexpected twist of chance and fate, that could either be something as complicated as a do or die situation, or something as normal and random as an insult or praise, we unchain something phenomenal within us and a new ‘you’ is born at that moment. We gain new abilities by overcoming the odds that are thrown against us and this type of cultivation is termed as learning by experience. This is a great way to get to know more about yourselves. That said, this mode of growth is highly unpredictable as there are no methods set in stone. Almost everything you do is by trial and error and so be ready to fall down a lot but remember to get back up everytime you fall. If it works out, you will most likely grow exponentially. If it does not, still, atleast you tried while the rest chose to give up. So be proud of yourselves.

And then, we come across folks who seem to defy the laws of both effort and experience. They seem to have the ability to take up any art/skill at any point of time and turn into something amazing. Like our mothers for instance. They can cook you a feast even with crappy ingradients and scraps, teach you a subject she has never studied, find that invisible thing that you were searching for hours in a few seconds or give regular athletes a run for their money as they sprint, leap and board buses and trains even while carrying loads of groceries or a tiny sized you/your sibling in her arms.

These ‘naturally gifted’ folks are amazing and in truth, they might even seem to be unfairly gifted. And you might think — Why god? Why them? Why not me?

Relax! Now take a closer look at them. No matter how many different things make them who they are, you will find these people to be in possession of two things -

1) They love to live in the present and enjoy it to the fullest. They don’t waste time worrying about their own past mistakes or that possible future failure.

2) They do things because there is nobody else to do it on behalf of them. Half the time, we pass on things instead of trying it for ourselves because we think that someone else will do it. Apparently these people do not. They are bored by mundane stuff and they seem to often not have a choice.

Heading back to reality, you could be any one of these types or you could even be all three at the same time. No matter what you are or where you are or who you are, STOP!

Take a deep breath.

Invest time on yourselves. You can do this only if you are an enterprising individual. (Don’t worry, I won’t give you that self love crap you find on the internet. I know it’s too hard to love yourself when you feel like a lost cause. Instead, think about the things you will do if you have ‘something’ and find that something. Get it, borrow it, steal it, own it somehow and keep moving onward.)

Try new things, crazy things, things that might be too bold in a world ruled by the gold of the trodden and old.

Be a sport. Don’t let others get to you when they tell you that you don’t have it in you. Their words are neither the law nor a reality. They are just as clueless as you are.

Treat success and failure in equal measure so that you can learn and build a better you from every encounter, be like that ripple on water which keeps getting bigger despite the surface tension.

I don’t know how many parallel realities exist out there. But I know one thing for sure. Amongst all of them, there is only one ‘You’. You are unique. You are new. You are not a constant. You, are a variable. And you are the greatest gift to your talents and not the other way around. You are life itself! Have a little faith in yourself. Don’t confine yourself within the boundaries of a possibility. Evolve beyond the I M possible.