3 Skills Wanted for Truck Driving Jobs in Australia

When you study the scene of employment Down Under, one of the most lucrative fields for professionals is truck driving. The inland transportation industry in Australia employs millions, and opportunities are abundant as the industry continues to grow.

Truck driving jobs in Australia may range from small local consignments within a given municipality area, or long haul pan-national assignments that stretch across hundreds of miles. Depending on your experience and skills behind the wheel, a professional driver can have great career opportunities as a professional truckie!

However, no industry comes without specific skills, and here are the 3 skills wanted for any trucking jobs in Australia -

#1 Vehicle Class Permits — You obviously need a license to drive a motorized vehicle of any kind, but in Australia, the professional drivers must also have the right “Vehicle Class” permits. After you obtain your regular four wheeler license, you must train for at least a year before you are granted an LR / MR class license. After 2 years of driving such Light or Medium Rigid vehicles you can apply for HR Class Permit. Further, you must have driven a Heavy Rigid for at least a year before upgrading to a Heavy Combination; and another year’s experience with an HC class permit before the final Multi Combination permits.

#2 Knowing the Roadways — Studying the long and extensive roadways are extremely important for any commercial assignments involving truck driving jobs. Your employer or the transportation company will not risk sending out their expensive and precious cargo under the charge of a driver who doesn’t know the roadways well enough. Most professional drivers use online tools like Google Maps to carefully study new routes and alternative roads before applying for any assignment.

#3 Being a Truckie — While having the right Vehicle Class Permit and knowing the routes and roads are critical; let’s not forget the general considerations for being a “Truckie”. The long highways of Australia have created a niche culture for professionals taking up truck driving jobs; and while this does include various authoritative rules and regulations, do learn of the more generalized cultural attributes, courtesies, and norms accepted by the community!