How to Hold Auditions For Your Film

One can explore the director/actor relationship at work while auditioning the potential cast members for any movie or serial. Auditioning before casting anyone in the film assists in establishing a new relation that will make them aware about the professional endeavor of the industry. Some casting directors go for auditions while others choose to discuss the projects. These ideas go smoothly if, you have good acting skills or worked in movies previously as it represents general sense about the camera and acting.

Basically, there are two types of film auditions: scheduled appointments and open calls. Scheduled appointment is more effective and preferred as compared to open call types.

Getting the Word Out

Before holding any audition, recognize what you are looking for. This may involve script breakdown by character. Describe each character briefly that you are planning to cast in the movie. The description should not be extended more than one paragraph. Brief summaries including psychological and physical traits are enough.

Once you are done with the description of characters, distill down the summaries to two lines. Give the demographic information like general features, gender, ethnicity, age and race of the character. Include adjectives to visible the demeanor. The main aim of advertising is to call those people who are better fitted for the role. You can include logline and character type to give an idea to the prospective artists about film type and role. Don’t forget to include your contact information.


  • To make the things settled and organized, it is important to separate the personal lives from professional sides. Film makers have to create separate accounts, email addresses and post mailbox for different projects. Make a budget before starting the filmmaking process.
  • Place your ad in nearby theatre newsletter located in the community. Post classified in the local newspaper ad section for musicians and actors. Post advertisements on bulletin boards of local college theatre to allure talented young actors.
  • While posting on the bulletin boards, make sure to create small tables at the bottom edge that can be torn off by the users. Add contact number and address on the fliers, it is a convenient way of attracting people towards different activities.
  • The audition type should be pre-decided. It depends on you whether you want resumes and headshots, open call for drop-ins or interaction session for scheduled actors. Add the mailing address to the advertisement for easy processing of the interviews.
  • Before you actually call acting artists for movie auditions, decide where you want to hold the auditions. An ideal acting interview space should be well equipped with sofa, restrooms and checked in reception space where artists can wait for their turn. Choosing your home for auditions is a bad idea; one can also take auditions in the studios for comfortable and hassle-free process. Municipal buildings, meeting rooms, libraries, schools, churches and colleges are also good choice.
  • Audition Fox is a perfect place for those who are planning to carve their career in the acting field. The reputed website provides appropriate information about the upcoming acting auditions in your area. Register yourself and enjoy!