Bachelor Party and India

India Never Had the Concept of Bachelor Party. Below are the concepts, which made up the bachelor party in India.

Bachelor Party at Bridegroom House

The only thing close to bachelor party at bridegroom house is the `Ladies Sangeet’ where only women used to sing and dance. The dance and singing too was traditional. The Hindi word was `Vidai Kay Geet’ (विदाई गीत), meaning songs of separation from the parents and going to grooms house. The ladies sangeet was fun and it used to get sentimental where every women present at the sangeet started crying.

The song reminded the girl she will leave the parents’ house. The rest of the women cried remembering when they left their house and went to grooms house. The men of the house were strictly not allowed in these ladies sangeet. The girl on the other hand used to sit in all sorts of marriage rituals. Occasionally she would do some dance routine, and then she used to go back after getting stares from the older folks.

Story of Bachelor Party at Grooms House

At the grooms house the older men (Dads, Uncles, and Grandpas) used to sit in one room and drink away to glory. The younger lot had a hidden room where they also drink. There would a home music system and the boys will dance (Bhangra) until midnight. The midnight was the deadline as the Indian marriages happen early in the morning. The groom used to have guest appearance for dancing with photos clicked and that is that.

Since India have different religions, all religions have different way of marriages. The above routine is only for North India. South India does not have ladies sangeet and they were never close to bachelor parties.

Journey from Ladies Sangeet to Sangeet

Anyhow, then came the movies of Yash Raj, which made ladies sangeet into just `Sangeet’. Where anybody could dance and sing. The amount spend on sangeet is almost equal to the money spend on the marriage. Now we have Dj’s, choreographed dances, the best designer clothes and a super lavish food buffet of world cuisine.

The choreographed dances are by the family not by the dancers. The whole family does routines of dances. The bridegroom and groom both have sangeet now. They too have dance routine and thank god, they can now dance on their marriage.

Recently, another movie ` Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’ (2011) gave a different angle to bachelor party. This movie showed you could have bachelor party outside India. That the bachelor party can be extreme sports as well. The sangeet parties went out of one room to public gardens to Five Star Hotels. Now the sangeet happens at farmhouses and exotic location outside India.

Somewhere after that the concept of Bachelor Party came to India. India went crazy after that.

Then came Thailand

According to The Tourism Authority of Thailand reports, the average spend for an Indian wedding in Thailand is 10 million baht (about $340,000), with an average of 200 to 500 guests.

The average duration of each wedding is three to five nights, with approximately 600 rooms booked. It still costs two to three times more to host a wedding in India than in Thailand, says Satish Sehgal, president of the Thai-Indian Business Association.

We at will tell you how to have a blast of a bachelor party in Thailand, not just Bangkok. Read our blog here.