Getting Thai Visa in India

These days it is better to get the Thai Visa in India itself to avoid any last minute problem or long VOA (Visa on Arrival) queue at Bangkok Airport. Somehow the queues are getting bigger and bigger, especially at Suvaranbhumi Airport. Last February 2016, it took me 4Hrs to get out of the airport. At that time they have even stopped the `Express Visa’ also.

Getting Thai visa in India is a really easy and hassle free process. It’s cheaper also with longer duration of stay. (30/60 days on single entry in comparison to 15 days in case of VOA).

Visa Requirements

  1. Valid passport, with at least 6 months validity, from the date of arrival.
  2. One application form.
  3. Two color photos (35mm x 45mm), not older than 3 months, taken against a white background.
  4. Covering letter mentioning data the name of the person responsible for bearing the expense of the trip, along with all particulars including hotel name, address and contact details.
  5. Air ticket (preferably showing departure after 5 working days of the Embassy).
  6. Hotel confirmation mentioning the names of all applicants/guests.
  7. Photocopy of credit card with original credit card statements of last 6 months.*
  8. Last 6 months bank statement with original bank seal and a minimum balance of Rs.20,000/person.**
  9. Original currency exchange slips of at least USD 500 (five hundred USD)/person/week with applicant’s name. ***
  10. Proof of accommodation — if intending to stay with relatives and friends, applicants must provide invitation letter along with a copy of their ID/passports. In case they are not Thai nationals, applicant must provide their working records in Thailand (e.g. work permit, letter from company they are working).
*, **, ***
Evidence of Adequate Finance: Original receipt of endorsement of $700/person or Original Bank Statement from last month with minimum balance equally as $700/person along with bank stamp and signature or Credit Card issued by a bank or financial institution along with last month credit card statement. (No limit set for the applications submitted in Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad).

The visa process for Thailand had been outsourced to company named VFS (By the Government of India). They have offices across India. VFS Center remains close on Saturday and Sunday.

Now when your reach with all the documents, go to the VFS office an this is what you do:

  • Please contact the Security Guard at entrance of the Thailand Visa Application Center with your Passport & visa application form. Please collect a token from the Security Guard outside the Visa Application Center & wait in the Visa Application Center till your turn.
  • Once your token number is announced please proceed to the counter for submission.
  • The applicant / representatives are requested to address their application to VFS officer with the applicable documents as per their category.
  • If your Visa Application form is not complete / documents not completed you will be requested to complete the same and then collect a fresh token to submit your application.
  • Each applicant must pay the applicable Visa Fee and Service Charge. For Non-immigrant visa, you must pay the fees in demand draft mode favoring “Royal Thai Embassy” payable at New Delhi. For Tourist/Transit visa, the visa fee is payable in CASH or demand draft favoring “VFS Global Services Pvt. Ltd.” payable at New Delhi. The service charges and bank charge are payable in cash mode only while submitting your application.
  • Applicant will have the option to collect their passport through courier by paying Rs.205/- inclusive tax.
  • Collect payment advice and proceed to cashier counter for making payment.
  • After made the payment please collect acknowledgement receipt which applicant needs to provide at the time of collection.

You can also apply visa online. Check the website.

For the Visa Application Center timings and contact numbers follow this link:

For North India: Applications submitted in New Delhi, Gurgaon, Jaipur and Chandigarh, click link below…

North India

For South India: Applications submitted in Chennai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Cochin, click link below…

South India

For East India: Applications submitted in Kolkata, click link below…

East India

In Goa, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra, Thai Visa Application process is outsourced to CKGS Thai Visa Application Center.

For details click here.

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