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Bangkok and Pattaya night scene rest in the `Power of 3’. Pattaya has Soi6, Soi LK Metro and Walking Street. Bangkok on the other hand have Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy and Patpong.

The Walking Street — Pattaya

Walking Street has got a different feel all together. It could be the tropical weather or it being near the beach or for the sheer length and breadth of this place. It’s not concrete plaza or it doesn’t contain itself in one `Block’ like Soi Cowboy. It does get crowded and that’s the beauty of it. It’s a `Bazaar’, it’s a `Carnival’.

The Walking Street road itself is full of life. There are magic shows on the street, food shops in the by lanes. The neon sign billboards will always make you click a picture. You for sure will click a selfie standing in the middle of the road. Then there are hordes of bars, gogo’s, disco/clubs etc. You also have those annoying guys who will push you to watch the `Ping Pong Show’. You can watch the first time; I doubt you will go again. Some places are open till six in the morning.

The Inventory

I’ve been there four times and each time I found new places to explore. We have most number of gogo bars in walking street. My top of the chart is Whatsup, Gentlemen, Sapphire gogo’s. These three places are power packed and the line-up of happy girls is to look for. There are some old timers like Baccara, Iron Club, Alcatraz but they are losing sheen due to selective entry policy and the ever degrading customer service. Then there are gogo’s like Windmill, Airport, Sugarbaby, Happy who are still holding ground due to some customer engagement with the girls on the floor. These are just tip of the iceberg.

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Then there are disco’s like Insomnia, Marine Disco, Mixx Disco and Tony’s. Insomnia is part of The I-bar. Tony’s is the disco where you can hear Hindi and Punjabi songs. Best time to go to these places after one, midnight.

There are good bars in walking street but for a bar experience I would say go to soi6. On beach road you a can go to hard rock café and hooters. These two places have a different feel from rest of the bar scene in Pattaya. Hard Rock foam parties are a talk, Hooters has one of the liveliest girls and they do dance in between.

For food I would recommend in the by lanes or sois they have Shawarmas, cut fruits, etc. I had the best chicken rice with soup here. There is also a sea food restaurant which serves the best sea food in walking street the `King Seafood’ there is also Turkish ice cream available which you should try. If you go further down the walking street you will get a guy who is selling coconut ice cream.

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