For the first timer, Pattaya will consist of Road No.1&2. These two road are divided into four parts North, Central, South Pattaya and The Walking Street. This blog aims at giving you the very basic information about Pattaya. Some areas do require more details. I have mentioned those areas and they will be covered in separate blogs.

Understanding the Directions

North Pattaya, for me, is a quiet place where there are group of best hotels in Pattaya. Most of the soapy massage places are in this area. Plus, you are very near to the second best place in Pattaya, the Soi 6. Soi 6 I would call it a `Pub Road’, it is the best place for afternoon fun. You can also explore Soi 7and 8.

The Central Pattaya is best of both worlds. If you booked your hotel in this area it becomes very convenient to travel anywhere in Pattaya. The beach road is nearby plus you are very near to walking street. You will be very near to Hard Rock Café and Hooters.

The South Pattaya gets very crowded because of walking street. In the evening all Pattaya heads towards the `Walking Street’. It will become very noisy also. You will find some good restaurants in this area.

Walking street is the center of attraction in Pattaya. When I went on my first trip, it was a 2night 3day trip, my two nights were spend exploring the walking street till the morning. A short trip like mine, I could just cover the single road from start of walking street till the end. There are so many Soi’s, which I did not even see. Look out for my detailed blog on `Walking Street’.

Understanding Roads

There is road no. 1, also known as the `Beach Road’. Then there are road no. 2&3. People who go for the first time in Pattaya will spend all the time on road no.1 as it I adjacent to the beach.

That is why I love Pattaya more than Bangkok. You can spend your day time lazing on the beach. Sipping on beer with hawkers selling street food. In Bangkok you can only roam in malls. Though I don’t like the food on the beach because it’s cold and it’s usually fried.

Beach Road is one way it goes till the start of the walking street and then it curves to right into the second road. Road no.2 you will find traffic which goes crazy at times. You will find the two wheeler going at a very fast pace, so be careful.

You can go from the start of the road no.1 and go around till the end of road no.2. in just 10Baht in a `Tuk-Tuk’. The landmark would be the `Dolphin Roundabout’. It is the most cost effective way to travel if you are lazy walker. No matter what distance you cover in tuk-tuk between two roads the rate is flat 10Baht.

TIP: While on road no.1or 2 do try `Thai Cold Coffee’. It is the best cooler in the beach heat. You can get this on the road itself. Some of them are standing, some are mobile. It very common among locals and the taxi guys. Also do try the freshly squeezed mango juice and the coconut water.

Then you can also hire two wheeler. Who are on a bit of higher side. They will charge you between 50 to 100Baht between these two roads. I find them only effective when you have to go past road no.3 for those hidden `Gentleman Club’. They can go up as high as 250Baht or more. I will be covering `The Gentlemen Club’ separately so look out for those blogs.

There are buses to go if you have to travel further road no. 2, which I have never used. There are taxis available, I would recommend using them only if you are going for sightseeing.

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